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Foundation Programme Directors (FPDs)

Your Foundation Programme Director will not necessarily work with you clinically and may be in a different hospital or in General Practice. They oversee the whole year of training and in many cases both training years. They are your second point of contact after your Educational Supervisor/Clinical Supervisor for any advice and help and you will probably get to know them well over the training year(s).

All of these senior clinicians are here to help you. They have been selected for these posts based on their enthusiasm for training Foundation doctors. Please contact them if you need help. They expect you to contact them if you need to.



Mr John Scollay E01
Mr Graeme Guthrie E02
Dr Linda Dubiel E03
Dr Awais Riaz E04
Dr Simon Austin E05, E08
Dr Laura Jordan E06, E07



F1 F2

Dr Nicola Joss

Ms Adeline Clement 

N01001-N01003; N01013-N01015


Dr Rob Laing  N01 
Dr Rob Laing N02 Dr Nicola Joss  N02

Dr Jane Dymott

Dr Chetana Patil



Dr Chetana Patil  N03
Dr Louise Millar N04 Dr Jane Dymott N04
Dr Chetana Patil N05

Dr Louise Millar

Dr Chetana Patil



Dr Izhar Khan N06 Dr Izhar Khan N06

Dr Rob Laing

Dr Jane Dymott



Ms Adeline Clement  N07
Dr Becky Docea N08 Dr Becky Docea N08
Mr Pragnesh Bhatt N09 Mr Pragnesh Bhatt N09
Dr Nicola Joss N10 Ms Adeline Clement  N10
Ms Adeline Clement  N11 Dr Sneh Banik N11
Dr Sneh Banik N12

Dr Louise Millar

Dr Sneh Banik



Dr Nicola Joss

Dr Louise Millar



N/A for 2021-2022



South East

Dr Alistair Gibson S01
Dr Claire Gordon S02
Dr Andrew Baillie S03
Dr Karen Rose S04
Dr Donald Noble S05
Dr Surinder Panpher S06
Dr Alistair Milne S07
Dr Melvin Carew S08
Dr Helen Rodgers S09
Mr Crichton Ramsay S10
Dr Sanjay Kallat S11
Dr Bryan Conway S12
Dr Colin McArthur S13



  F1 F2
Dr Elizabeth Oommen W01 Dr Elizabeth Oommen W01
Dr Claire Langridge W02 Dr Claire Langridge W02
Dr Lisa Black W03 Dr Lisa Black W03
Dr Jonathan Macklin W04 Dr Jonathan Macklin W04
Ms Carol Watson W05 Ms Carol Watson W05
N/A for 2021-2022 W06 Dr Gillian Roberts W06
Dr Partha Gangopadhyay W07 Dr Niall O'Reilly W07
N/A for 2021-2022 W08 Dr Chris Haxton W08
Dr Gillian Roberts W09 Dr Shona McLellan W09
Dr Sowmya Munishankar W10 Dr Brian Neilly W10
Dr Niall O'Reilly W11 Dr Tadhg Kelliher W11
Dr Chris Haxton W12 Dr Colin Malcolm W12
Mr Akan Emin W13 Dr Anne McEntegart W13
Mr Himanshu Wadhawan W14 Dr Eric Livingston W14
Dr Omar Fersia W15 Dr Martin Carlin W15
Dr Joanne Mitchell W16 Dr Andrew Docherty W16
Dr Brian Neilly W17 Dr Edgar Brincat W17
Dr Grace Murphy W18 Dr Ian Reeves W18
Dr Tadhg Kelliher W19 Dr Peter Armstrong W19
Dr Anne McEntegart W20 Mr Akan Emin W20
Dr Eric Livingston W21 Mr Himanshu Wadhawan W21
Dr Peter Armstrong W22 Dr Omar Fersia W22
N/A for 2021-2022 W23 Dr Joanne Mitchell W23
Dr Amir Iqbal W24 Dr Craig Harrow W24
Dr Martin Carlin W25 N/A for 2021-2022 W25
N/A for 2021-2022 W26 N/A for 2021-2022 W26
Dr Andrew Docherty W27 N/A for 2021-2022 W27
Dr Shona McLellan W28 N/A for 2021-2022 W28
Dr Colin Malcolm W29 N/A for 2021-2022 W29
Dr Edgar Brincat W30 N/A for 2021-2022 W30
Dr Ian Reeves W31 N/A for 2021-2022 W31
Dr Craig Harrow W32 N/A for 2021-2022




F1 F2
Dr Amir Iqbal  W24 N/A for 2021-2022 W24


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