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Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

The Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) is a mandatory assessment for the completion of F1 training. This assessment was introduced as a requirement by the GMC. Most UK medical graduates will be in possession of a valid pass prior to entry to F1 however some will be required to pass during the F1 year. The MSC Assessment (MSCA) have set specific dates for the PSA throughout the training year. The Foundation School would expect that, as this is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of ARCP and hence registration with the GMC, trainees should be allowed to take leave to sit the assessment. The School would expect that trainees should not be required to swap shifts or sit during annual leave. The dates are publicised well in advance to allow planning. If there are challenges in rotas then the FPDs/Consortium Leads should be expected to support the trainee in securing time to sit the assessment.

It is recommended that trainees who are appointed to an F2 stand-alone post sit the PSA.

If the PSA was passed more than two years before starting Foundation training then it will need to be successfully retaken before completion of the F1 year (applies from August 2016 F1 entry). For F1s, the PSA certificate does not have an expiry date as such. A PSA pass within two years prior to starting the F1 year is valid, but the pass does not expire during the F1 year (e.g. if a trainee joins the Foundation programme in August 2021 and passed the PSA in February 2020, the PSA certificate would not expire in February 2022 before their F1 year is complete).

The Foundation School will confirm the PSA pass in Turas e-portfolio for every F1 who passed the PSA at Medical School or who passes during F1. For those who passed at Medical School, passes will be confirmed during the first block of F1. For those who pass during F1, passes will be confirmed soon after results are released for the relevant PSA sitting. Once your PSA pass has been confirmed you will be able to upload your PSA certificate into your e-portfolio.

As the PSA is required for the end of F1 and not the entry point, any trainee who has yet to pass should not be required to have a different level of prescribing supervision unless the clinical/educational supervisors or FPDs have identified a prescribing concern. All F1 trainees irrespective of their PSA status require to have their prescribing supervised by the clinical team.

If you have any queries about sitting the PSA, please contact sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk


**** NEW****

SCRIPT (Standardised Computerised Revalidation Instrument for Prescribing and Therapeutics)

The Scottish Foundation School are pleased to introduce SCRIPT to Foundation trainees from January 2024. 

SCRIPT is an e-learning programme to improve prescribing competency and safety and aligns with GMC guidance on safe prescribing and medical education. 

SCRIPT modules are used in all nations of the UK by trainees to support prescribing.

Trainees should registrar at the following Scotland specific SCRIPT link: https://scot.safeprescriber.org/

You can also download the SCRIPT User Guide here 

SCRIPT e-learning can be used to help prepare candidates for PSA please click here for a list of helpful SCRIPT modules to help you prepare. 


Helpful Resources

Modules to help you prepare for sitting the PSA can be found on Learning in Foundation Training (LiFT).

Please click here for link to the UKFPO website and PSA 2021 Guidance document.

Please click here for the MSC Assessment PSA and FAQs.

Please click here for links to Resources and Guidance for trainees.

Please click here for the Scottish PSA Guidance document for trainers.


Dates for PSA sittings -  location of sitting(s) to be confirmed 


2023 - 2024  Time   Location of sitting    
Tuesday, 12 March 2024 13:00 tbc
Tuesday, 23 April 2024 13:00     tbc
2024 - 2025
Tuesday, 10 September 2024             13:00 tbc
Thursday, 20 March 2025 13:00 tbc
Thursday, 1 May 2025 13:00 tbc
2025 - 2026
Tuesday, 9 September 2025 13:00 tbc
Thursday, 26 March 2026 13:00 tbc
Thursday, 23 April 2026 13:00 tbc


General Prescribing Guidance

GMC guidance on Good practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices which applies from 5th April 2021 can be found here.


Timeline for PSA

  • March onwards - applicants provide details of PSA status on the STEP Form
  • June onwards - individual STEP form is shared with AGPDs and FPDs including PSA status
  • August onwards - MSCA provide details of incoming F1s who need to sit the PSA - those who need to sit exam in September are sign posted to the guidance
  • September onwards - following the sitting of PSA the relevant APGD and FPDs are informed and those who need to sit PSA and offer support and after each sitting of the PSA

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