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General Practice - Foundation Programme Information

Foundation Programme Training in General Practice – F2 General Practice Guide

A guide for the educational supervisors of F2s working in General Practice is available here please also see a number of FAQs below.

Click here to find out the answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

GP Recruitment Webinar for Foundation Training

Each year a GP Recruitment webinar is held once, twice a year with both GP’s and Practice Managers being invited to find out more about becoming a trainer for Foundation in General Practice, or practices who already have Foundation doctors who would like further information.

During the webinar there will be information shared on how to become a training practice for Foundation Doctors, with an opportunity to ask questions.   This will be run by a panel which will include GP’s involved in foundation training across Scotland.

The next GP Recruitment Webinar is to be confirmed.

Approval Documentation - GP Trainer and Training Practice

GP Trainer and Training Practice documentation is available here.  Please use this link to find the documentation to become an approved Foundation year 2 approved practice and educational/clinical supervisor.  

See form 3a or 3b and Appendix 7 and 9 New GP Practice Approval Process.

Click here to view a a short video for GP practices interested in hosting F2 trainees

New GP Foundation Practice Workshop

This New GP Foundation Workshop is for GP Foundation practices new or about to have a Foundation trainee in their practice. Following the GP Recruitment Webinar and contact with your region on completion of paperwork for further information and guidance please see above. You will be invited to attend a Scotland wide interactive workshop.  

This online MS Teams workshop is open to new GP Educational Supervisors and Practice Managers.

To register please email: sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Workshop dates and times 2024

Thursday, 27 June 2024 1.30pm - 3.30pm


FREGG - Foundation Regional Educational Supervisors GP Group

The FREGG Group is Regional for Educational Supervisors of F2s in General Practice. The groups provide peer support, as well as a curriculum and e-portfolio updates.

Meetings vary by region, but most have three meetings per year.

East                5 November 2024 (12noon online)  26 February 2025 (12noon online)  1 May 2025 (12noon online) 
North 14 November 2024 (9.30am online)  30 January 2025 (9.30am online)  1 May 2025 (9.30am online) 
South East             31 October 2024 (9.30am Westport)   6 February 2025 (9.30am Westport)  8 May 2025 (9.30am Westport) 
West 31 October 2024 (1pm online)  30 January 2025 (1pm online) 1 May 2025 (1pm - online)

 For further information please contact:


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