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The Scottish Foundation Trainees Forum meets regularly to discuss issues of relevance to Foundation trainees and to share good practice. This group includes representatives from all regions of Scotland. The minutes of this group are sent to the Foundation Board which is attended by nominated trainee representatives. The group is trainee-led and supported by the Foundation School team.

The Foundation School is keen to involve trainees and value your input, there are numerous leadership opportunities including trainee representatives roles on various regional and national committees.  We also welcome articles from you for the Foundation School Newsletter, please submit these to sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk 

For more information on being a trainee rep please see Foundation Trainee Representative Guide

Details of Foundation trainee representatives in each region can be found below:

East North  South-East West
Wesley McLoughlin - F1 Solange Belhina - F1 Jen Baker - F1  Simran Piya - F2
Sut Mo Zachary Chan - F1    Zahra Pasdar - F1  Aliya Ali - F1 Aalap Asurlekar - F2
Antonio Baptista - F2 Samuel McGinn - F2         Julie Croll - F1 Archie Todd-Hems - F2      
Cher Pin So - F2     Wajeeh Chaudhry - F2           Doireann Hughes - F1      
      David Inverarity - F1   
    Seth Allen - F1   
    Tanith Bain - F2  
    Sophia Hart - F2  
    Joy Hodkinson - F2  
    Shannon Young - F2       
    Emilia Jewell - F2  
    Shizhang Liu - F2  


UKFPO Foundation Doctors Advisory Board (FDAB) dates 2023/2024 (FDAB job role can be found here)

Date Time Location
2 November 2023      14:00 - 17:00       Online Meeting         
8 February 2024  14:00 - 17:00 Online Meeting    
9 May 2024 14:00 - 17:00 Online Meeting


West Region Hospital specific trainee reps

Hospital F1 F2
Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Luke O’Kane

David Cunningham

Stroma Harcombe

Tom Scrivin

Declan Gallagher

Karrar Kaiby

Izzy Fauré

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Alex Burns

Harriet Eastwood

Fraser Watson

Anjana Sivaramakrishnan

Rory Teed

Catriona Ross

Li Ying Tay

Kerry Hendrie

Peter McManus

Forth Valley

Uzayr Undre

Rosie Dale

Angelina Malcher

Sylvia Ababio

Ben Beasley


Lyndsay Johnston

Leona Sharma

Andrew Hood

Dumfries and Galloway

Shiv Bakrania

Angus Brolly

Michael Ferguson

Charlotte Starkey


Olivia Farrow

Brooklyn Clarke

Naznin Ferdhusi

Peter Polz


Neil Dowie

Kirsty Georgina Woodall

Emma Barnott

Eilidh Middleton

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Heather Craig

Mairi Cunningham

Shona Hutton

Sarah Kidd

Crosshouse Hospital

Sarah Morgan

Ciara McGloin

Sara Lim

Armin Nazar
Wishaw University Hospital

Tiarnan White

Vivienne Evans

 Megan McGlone (LTFT)
 Ayr University Hospital

Mable Caesar de Torres

Kavita Sanghera

Lauren Payas

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