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The Scottish Foundation Trainees Forum meets regularly to discuss issues of relevance to Foundation trainees and to share good practice. This group includes representatives from all regions of Scotland. The minutes of this group are sent to the Foundation Board which is attended by nominated trainee representatives. The group is trainee-led and supported by the Foundation School team.

Details of Foundation trainee representatives in each region can be found below:



Cheryl Yee - F1

Jordy Kwong - F1

Zain Hussain - F2

Aaron Duff - F2

Samuel Chew - F1 Academic rep

Rory Wilson - F2 Academic rep

Shen Chuen Khaw (Adrian) - International Medical Graduate rep




Rabbiaa Imawana - F1 Academic rep

Benjamin Sim - F2 Academic rep

David Seong-Hoon Lee - F2 Academic rep



South East

Matthew McSorley - F2

Hannah MacDonald - F2

John Ochiltree - F2

Halima Okewole - F2

Christman Ihuoma - F2

Edward Christopher - F2 Academic rep



Shannon Devlin - F2

Crystal Lee - International Medical Graduate rep 

Roisin Mcallister - LTFT rep

Heather Boagey - F1 Academic rep

Ehsan Salim - F2 Academic rep