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Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Please use the links below to find information about your ARCP requirements including explanations of SLEs, examples of summary narratives, and lots more hints and tips on how to complete your portfolio.

The information on these pages covers the requirements for F1 and F2 doctors who have an ARCP in 2024. It should be used in conjunction with the UKFPO ARCP checklist. The information on these pages serves to provide some clarity and explanation to the document.

The main requirements listed may not apply to Foundation doctors who have had a remedial outcome who will have had specific requirements set by the FPD/APGD. Please contact your FPD for advice if you are out of sync or have had a remedial outcome at the last ARCP.

Please provide your evidence in your completed portfolio by 31st May 2024 in order to give your FPD time to review your evidence before the ARCP which will be held in June. The ARCP will be a desktop exercise and you will not attend. You will receive a notification that your outcome will be issued on Turas after the ARCP. You should then log into your Turas portfolio and acknowledge this.  It is essential that you acknowledge your ARCP outcome 1 or 6 also allow your F1CC or FPCC certificate to be created and allow you to download.

If you receive a developmental outcome you will be notified by your FPD and will be invited to a further meeting to discuss what actions are required. For the vast majority of you this will not be relevant.

The structure of the delivery of educational supervision is slightly different in each of the four UK nations and these pages will clarify some of the questions you may have.

The Foundation Curriculum

All Foundation doctors in Scotland follow the Foundation curriculum as detailed on the UKFPO websitePlease click here for a link to the UKFPO curriculum resource bank; this includes details about Supervised Learning Events (SLEs), the Placement Supervision Group (PSG) and your summary narrative. 

For ARCP 2024 you will need: 

  • 3 satisfactory clinical supervisor reports, plus
  • 3 satisfactory educational supervisor reports (these can be combined ES/CS reports), plus
  • 1 End of year report - completed by your FPD (this will completed and submitted after the ARCP deadline date - 31/05/2024 and ahead of your ARCP)

If any of the reports are not satisfactory your FPD will make a decision at your ARCP. 

The UKFPO guidance requires 3 CS reports but only 2 ES reports as the ES completes the end of year report instead of a 3rd report as it covers the entire year including post 3.  In England the ES remains constant for the whole year hence the discrepancy and in Scotland Foundation doctors normally have 3 CS and 3 ES.

Please Note: ARCP deadline Date is 31 May 2024.

PSG Member Information

If you have been nominated to complete a Placement Supervision Group (PSG) Individual Feedback Form about a trainee, by or on behalf of the clinical/educational supervisor. The purpose of Foundation training is to ensure that newly qualified doctors transition from student to doctor, practice safely and become valuable members of the NHS workforce.  Feedback is therefore very important to help the trainee develop and to ensure patient safety.  The areas you will be asked to comment on are regarding clinical practice, teamworking and professional attitude. You are invited to comment on all three areas but, if this is not possible, then please feedback on areas of practice on which you can comment. This feedback will be used by the clinical/educational supervisor to plan the trainee's training and as an assessment of the trainee's progress.

[Extract from Foundation Programme Curriculum 2021 p.39] Constructive multiple-rater feedback has been accepted as an effective method of driving improvements in performance and learning. The purpose of the PSG is to provide constructive senior feedback on the FD’s clinical performance. It is expected that all healthcare professionals will be in a position to support and guide the FD, providing feedback on performance to the FD and CS. However, the named clinical supervisor (CS) identifies a nominated group of senior healthcare professionals who work alongside the FD to make up the placement supervision group. Where possible, the clinical supervisor should identify these individuals to the FD]

The PSG is responsible for providing structured feedback to the clinical supervisor. Therefore, the form should be filled as soon as possible or you need to let the sender know if you are unable or if you have any questions. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

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