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Transfer of Information for Foundation trainees (Once for Scotland process)

The standardised Transfer of Information (ToI) process for all doctors in training in Scotland is available at

 Transfer of Information | Hub (nes.digital)

 This form and guidance should be used for all ToIs for Foundation trainee.

The process allows timely communication to occur prior to post rotation, to both support the trainee and to allow for any required adjustments to be made and incorporated into rotas. For this reason, the aim should to be complete TOIs at least 8 weeks prior to post commencement. In Foundation training, the most appropriate person to generate a TOI will usually be the Foundation Programme Director (FPD). The shorter duration of posts in Foundation along with the movement to differing specialties, will often mean that the FPD has the best overview of a situation.

This is a supportive measure to ensure the service has time to ensure the trainees' needs are met to enable them to train with the optimal support available. 

Please ensure that trainees are fully informed and in agreement with the information in a ToI prior to sharing.


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