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Foundation Teaching (F1 and F2)

Information and contact details for Deanery Delivered Teaching including Immersive Simulation.  Regional information and contact details see table below:

For information on teaching and learning in your foundation years please familiarise yourself with the documents listed within this section, you will need to refer to these throughout your foundation training. 

Please click here for guidance from the UKFPO regarding mandatory core and non-core learning. 

UKFPO 2021 Curriculum Resource: this resource document highlights national guidance and protocols available to support each of the curriculum’s foundation professional capabilities. It lists many of the freely available evidence-based resources, including helpful web links and guidance notes.

Each trainee must undertake a minimum number of 60 hours of learning during their F1 and during their F2 year. Minimum of 30 core hours and 30 non-core hours. 

Please note: You do not need to use Turas Study Leave app for your foundation delivered education programme (core learning), if you are attending foundation simulation training, ILS, ALS or tasters you must requested via the study leave app on Turas.  Click here for instructions on how to apply via Turas Study Leave app

Trainees must record all teaching and learning in their portfolio prior to the ARCP deadline.  This should be pro-rata for less than full time training (LTFT). 

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