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Associate Postgraduate Deans for Foundation and Consortium Leads

Foundation’s Lead Dean is Professor Clare Mackenzie.

Each region has a dedicated Associate Postgraduate Dean for Foundation. Most of you will never see the Associate Postgraduate Dean unless you wish to or if you need adjustments to your programme.

The Consortium Lead is another senior clinician who oversees several programmes and may undertake a specific role in your region. They are able to help and support if you or the Foundation Programme Director need to escalate anything.

All of these senior clinicians are here to help you. They have been selected for these posts based on their enthusiasm for training Foundation doctors. Please contact them if you need help. They expect you to contact them if you need to.



Professor Clare McKenzie  Lead Dean/Director for Foundation
Dr Fiona Cameron Foundation School Director
Dr Duncan Henderson Chair of the Foundation Board



Dr Fiona Cameron  Associate Postgraduate Dean (Foundation)



Dr Joy Miller Associate Postgraduate Dean (Foundation)
Mr Yatin Patel  Consortium Lead


South East

Dr Duncan Henderson  Associate Postgraduate Dean (Foundation)
Dr Alistair Milne Consortium Lead



Dr Caroline Whitton Associate Postgraduate Dean (Foundation)
Dr Joseph Sarvesvaran  South Consortium Lead (W01-W12)
Dr Brian Neilly North and East Consortium Lead (W17-W21; W25-W29)
Dr Edgar Brincat West Consortium Lead (W13-W16; W22-W24; W30-W32)


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