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F1 Shadowing and Induction (Mandatory)

Shadowing and Induction for trainees commencing F1 in August 2024.

Regional mandatory shadowing and Induction dates can be found below, your local NHS employer and Director of Medical Education team will contact you direct with more details with dates, location and content.  When dates have been agreed these will be published below. There are more details about shadowing below.

There are 3 elements to mandatory shadowing and Induction:

  1. NHS Board mandatory employee induction
  2. NES Foundation Training Programme Induction (Regionally) delivered
  3. Induction to first post local workplace environment eg wards 



NHS Tayside                                             Tuesday, 30 July 2024     



NHS Grampian                                          Tuesday, 30 July 2024      
NHS Highland Tuesday, 30 July 2024 
NHS Shetland Tuesday, 30 July 2024 
NHS Western Isles Tuesday, 30 July 2024  



NHS Borders                                             Tuesday, 30 July 2024     
NHS Fife Tuesday, 30 July 2024     
NHS Lothian Monday, 29 July 2024     



NHS Ayrshire and Arran                             Monday, 29 July 2024 
NHS Dumfries and Galloway Monday, 29 July 2024      
NHS Forth Valley Monday, 29 July 2024      
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Monday, 29 July 2024
NHS Lanarkshire Monday, 29 July 2024    


The F1 training year starts on Wednesday, 7 August 2024.  Trainees must hold provisional GMC registration at the start of mandatory shadowing and induction period.

Please see the Turas Hub for details on the Foundation Year 1 Mandatory Induction and Local Induction Information which can be found under Pre-Employment Information.

Foundation Shadowing

All Foundation doctors are expected to attend Shadowing week as part of their induction to training and the workforce. This time is paid and attendance is mandatory. The Shadowing period is just prior to the start of your Foundation training and the time ranges from 4-6 days (see the region list above for the shadowing dates either Monday, 29 or Tuesday, 30 July 2024).  

What is Shadowing?

  • Shadowing is a mandatory time in the hospital/ ward/ health care setting where you will start your Foundation Year 1 post. You will attend the ward at the time designated by your employing Health Board and will shadow the current F1s. This will allow you to understand the ward processes and learn about the patients. You’ll also get tips from the current F1s on many aspects of your new role.
  • The objectives of shadowing are:
    • Learn the ward layout, where you will find cannulas, blood bottles etc
    • Receive training and logins for the IT systems for referrals, note keeping, prescribing, radiology, test ordering etc
    • Undertake mandatory Health Board employee training
    • Learn about the ward rounds, the structure and timings and how the “to do list” is generated and maintained
    • Understand the handover processes
    • Find the canteen, coffee rooms, mess facilities, toilets etc
    • Meet the nursing and AHP team
    • Meet the current inpatients for a smooth handover on the start date
    • Meet your new F1 colleagues and senior medical colleagues
  • You will be expected to do some daytime activity and Shadowing should include lates/ night shifts especially if you are starting your work on nights.

Is Shadowing Mandatory?

  • YES - this is a mandatory start to your F1 post. You should not take annual leave during this time. You will not be able to function as an F1 without your IT training and mandatory Health Board induction. If you are going to be absent for any reason you MUST inform your employer and request leave. Please note this will be disadvantageous to your start and is not acceptable unless for unavoidable situations.

Will I be paid?

  • YES - Shadowing is paid and the extra time will be in your first monthly payslip.

What happens if I am unwell?

  • You must contact your supervisor / Medical Education Department (the person form whom you received your induction material) to inform them.
  • If you have any questions about Shadowing, please contact your employer and your supervisor.

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