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Welcome to the Scottish Foundation School

The Scottish Foundation School covers the whole of Scotland and provides a wide range of programmes.

The Scottish Foundation School covers all four regions of Scotland - East, North, South East and West - with Foundation Programmes designed to cover different specialties, populations, geographical diversity, teaching hospitals and remote and rural practice.

For details of programmes for the current recruitment cycle, please visit the Scottish Medical Training website.

The School is managed by a Foundation Programme Board and supported by the Foundation Programme Operational Group, as well as the Foundation Curriculum Assessment and Implementation Group and a number of other sub-groups. They work closely with the Associate Postgraduate Deans and Foundation Programme Directors responsible for Foundation training in each region to manage and assure the quality of training in each programme.

Training standards for F1 are set out in the General Medical Council (GMC) publication Outcomes for Provisionally Registered Doctors (GMC July 2015). Two-year programmes are delivered according to the national operational framework agreed by the Departments of Health and to a curriculum approved by the GMC.                     

If you are new to working in Scotland? Please click here for further information, there is also information specifically for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) available here.      


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