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The Scottish Foundation School is divided up into 4 regions, each of which is linked to a Medical School.

Training Management teams are responsible for managing the training programmes in their region. Each region has an Associate Postgraduate Dean and in three of the regions (North, South East and West) there are Consortium Leads who provide operational support to the Associate Postgraduate Deans. No matter where you are training, the Deanery and Foundation School have people close by to assist and advise. You can find out about all of those involved in Foundation training in Scotland using the links on the left.

For general enquiries, please contact sfas@nes.scot.nhs.uk.

For employment matters, please see the Turas Hub.


Key personnel within your employing health board/hospital

When you begin your Foundation Training it is important that you identify the key personnel who work within your Health Board/Hospital as they will be able to assist you during your Foundation years. Every Health Board/Hospital has a staffed Postgraduate Medical Education Centre and a Director of Postgraduate Medical Education. From the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, you will receive a full induction and find out about your study leave, courses available, assessment and appraisal, teaching sessions and much more.


Raising concerns

First you should ask your clinical or educational supervisor for advice. If you feel you need further support, contact your Foundation Programme Director or someone at the Deanery. Alternatively complete the Raising a Concern Form.





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