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Curriculum and Assessment

The Foundation Programme Curriculum sets out the framework for educational progression that will support the first two years of professional development following graduation from medical school.

A full overview of curriculum and assessment including the current curriculum can be found on the UKFPO website.

Under the curriculum, foundation doctors have to demonstrate that they are competent in a number of areas including communication and consultation skills, patient safety and team work as well as the more traditional elements of medical training.

The 2021 iteration of the Foundation Programme curriculum has been written to meet the requirements of the GMC's "Excellence by Design". The number of Foundation Professional Capabilities (FPCs) to be demonstrated has been reduced from 20 to 13. There is NO specific number of formative Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) that need to be undertaken but to demonstrate the Higher Learning Outcomes (HLOs) examples of practice must be submitted as summative evidence against learning outcomes across a variety of placements.

HLO 1: An accountable, capable and compassionate doctor

HLO 2: A valuable member of the healthcare workforce

HLO 3: A professional, responsible for their own practice and portfolio development


The 2021 FP curriculum can be accessed here where you will also find a number of resources to support you in your Foundation training programme.

2021 Foundation Programme Curriculum slides can be found here

Information about ARCP requirements for F1 and F2 can be found here.

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