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ARCP Requirements

ARCP requirements for Foundation trainees can be found here.

2021 Curriculum

A new curriculum for Foundation trainees was introduced from August 2021. A presentation about the new 2021 Foundation curriculum for Foundation educational and clinical supervisors can be found below. This presentation is given by Dr Fiona Cameron, Foundation School Director for Scotland.

A 2-minute overview of the changes between the 2016 and 2021 curriculums made by Dr Ian Reeves, FPD in the West region, can be found here.

A quick guide for Educational and Clinical Supervisors about the new curriculum can be found here.

Most trainees are now on the 2021 curriculum, but some out-of-sync trainees remain on the 2016 curriculum. Trainees remaining on the 2016 curriculum will have been informed by their Training Programme Administrator.


Are the people in the Placement Supervision Group (PSG) decided by the Educational Supervisor?

Yes. The educational supervisor decides staff likely to be able to complete a PSG form, and enters their emails into TURAS. The PSG process is then initiated later in block by the Educational Supervisor. The process allows the staff identified to be changed later if necessary. It can be a mix of staff, but they must be >F2. It can be in either block, but TABS are more familiar, so this year we expect more TABS in block 1 and PSG in block 2. Even a few shifts is enough for someone to be able to complete a PSG, they don’t have to have supervised for the whole block. Further information is available on the UKFPO website.

Is core teaching mandatory? Our department is busy at the time this is scheduled.

Yes. This is a reasonable way to make sure we have appropriately trained doctors.

There are no minimum SLEs per block in new curriculum? 

That’s right. The previous minimum of 5 has been removed.

It seems a lot for new graduates. 

They are used to portfolio type work as undergraduates. Support about the process (for Supervisors as well as trainees) is available form FPDs and admin staff.


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