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NHS Education for Scotland is the designated body for all NTN holders in Scotland.

NHS Education for Scotland is the Designated Body for all NTN holders in Scotland.  This includes LATs and trainees on OOP, mat leave, sick leave, etc.  Your Designated Body is NES, and your Responsible Officer (RO) is the Deputy Medical Director.  The Responsible Officer responsibility may have been delegated to the Lead Dean Director (LDD) for your specialty grouping.  Please see list below of Lead Dean Directors in Scotland:-

Anaesthetics / Emergency Medicine / ICM

Prof Adam Hill


Prof Alan Denison


Prof Alan Denison


Prof Adam Hill


Prof Nitin Gambhir

Mental Health

Prof Nitin Gambhir

Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Paediatrics

Prof Alan Denison


Prof Adam Hill

It is your responsibility to make sure that your GMC Online account is up to date.  Also make sure you are familiar with GMC Revalidation information for doctors in training. 

As part of the ARCP process you will be signing an annual declaration in order to revalidate and to maintain your licence to practice. Every year, you also need to ensure your SOAR account information is correct:

  • Please check this well in advance of your ARCP date to make sure you can get any changes made and your declarations signed off in time.
  • Check if supervisors are going to be available - don't wait until the last minute.
  • Make sure that any supporting documents are on SOAR.
  • Remember that any declaration you sign in your College ePortfolio is not the formal declaration your designated body and Responsible Officer require. You need to sign off in SOAR as well.














Visit the FAQs page, and if you have any other queries regarding your revalidation, please email us, including your GMC number, to revalidation.enquiries@nes.scot.nhs.uk.


COPMeD Guidance & FAQs - Revalidation requirements of doctors in postgraduate training where scope of practice extends outside their training programme

COPMeD has released the below guidance documents in relation to doctors in Postgraduate Training whose scope of practice extends outside of their training programme.  All trainees in Scotland require to declare additional work outside of training this includes locum, extra-curricular and private work.  Full details should be provided on every trainee’s annual SOAR declaration.

Please follow the below links for further information and FAQs:-

Guidance on undertaking additional work


Revalidation requirements for trainees undertaking roles outside of training


FAQs – Full Scope of Work

FAQ Document

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