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As a trainee doctor or dentist, you may experience difficulties which affect your work and/or training. Whether you have health problems, family difficulties, workplace issues, doubts about career choice or lack of examination success you should not think you are alone.   

If you are experiencing any issues like these, the Deanery can provide you with help, guidance and support. There are a number of options for you to consider if you need support.

In the first instance, please discuss any concerns with your educational supervisor or training programme director. They will be able to advise you and provide you with direct support in your training environment; and they can refer you to individuals within your local deanery team / health board if required.

Your local deanery team includes Associate Postgraduate Deans (APGDs) for specialty, performance support, careers and LTFT. These are working consultants / GPs who also have an educational role linked to the deanery.

For medicine trainees, your list of APGDs and their contact details can be found here. Your health board also employs a Director of Medical Education (DME) and supporting team who it may be appropriate to contact in relation to employment/training issues.  DME contacts available here.

For dental trainees, information about your APGD and other key contacts can be found here.

Otherwise, there is further information on the Trainee Development & Wellbeing Service (TDWS) pages. You can contact the TDWS Service by completing a Contact Us Trainee or Trainer Form. 

If you do not feel able to raise your concerns with your educational supervisor or training programme director, please contact your local deanery administrator and they can put you in contact with the relevant APGD. Or, please contact us through the website.

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Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Trainees

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Trainee Development & Wellbeing Service

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