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Training Programme Directors

These are clinicians on the ground with an oversight of their training programmes and who also manage the rotations.

Training Programme Directors (TPD) and Foundation Programme Directors (FPD) are consultants or general Practitioners appointed to report directly to the Postgraduate Dean or appropriate Deanery representatives.

Each TPD/FPD actively participates in providing direct advice on specialty training programmes by representation on the NES Specialty Training or Foundation Programme Board.

TPD/FPDs are responsible for provide advice, support and management of the Specialty Training Programmes within their NES Region and across the Scotland Deanery.

For further information on the TPD/FPD role, and how to manage Speciality, Foundation and GP Training please see the Programme Director HandBook

TPD/FPD Contacts

All contact details for FPDs can be found on the Foundation School webpages.

Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine & Intensive Care Medicine

Core Anaesthetics - North Dr Calum McDonald
Core Anaesthetics - West Dr Jonathon McGhie
Core Anaesthetics - South East Dr Oliver Daly
Core Anaesthetics - East Dr Cameron Weir
Anaesthesia ST - North Dr Calum McDonald
Anaesthesia ST - West Dr Jonathon McGhie
Anaesthesia ST - South East Dr Jeremy Morton
Anaesthesia ST - East Dr Cameron Weir
Emergency Medicine - North Dr Bianca Ebtehadj
Emergency Medicine - West Dr Stewart Teece
Emergency Medicine - South East Dr Graeme McAlpine
Emergency Medicine - East Dr Colin Munro
Intensive Care Medicine - North Dr Stephen Friar
Intensive Care Medicine - West Dr Catriona Macneil
Intensive Care Medicine - South East Dr Ben Slater
Intensive Care Medicine - East Dr Judith Joss
ACCS Anaesthetics - North Dr Bianca Ebtehadj
ACCS Anaesthetics - West Dr Jonathon McGhie
ACCS Anaesthetics - South East Dr Oliver Daly
ACCS Anaesthetics - East Dr Cameron Weir
ACCS Acute Medicine - North Dr Bianca Ebtehadj
ACCS Acute Medicine - West Dr Christine Aitken
ACCS Acute Medicine - South East Dr Claire Gordon
ACCS Acute Medicine - East Dr Achyut Valluri
ACCS Emergency Medicine - North Dr Bianca Ebtehadj
ACCS Emergency Medicine - West Dr Stewart Teece
ACCS Emergency Medicine - South East Dr Graeme McAlpine
ACCS Emergency Medicine - East Dr Colin Munro



Chemical Pathology - National  Dr Colleen Ross 

Clinical Radiology - East

Dr Magdalena Szewczyk-Bieda

Clinical Radiology - North ST1 & ST2 Dr Struan Wilkie 
Clinical Radiology - North ST3 - ST5 Dr Rosalind Mitchell-Hay
Clinical Radiology - South East Dr Jeremy Jones

Clinical Radiology - West (ST1)
Clinical Radiology - West (ST2-6)

Dr Laura Thomson
Dr Hazel Halbert

Combined Infection Training - National
Infectious Diseases - General (Internal) Medicine

Dr Daire O’Shea

Combined Infection Training - National
Infectious Diseases - Medical Virology

Dr Celia Jackson

Combined Infection Training - East
Infectious Diseases - Medical Microbiology

Dr Anna Jarchow-MacDonald

Combined Infection Training - West
Infectious Diseases - Medical Microbiology

Dr Anna Jarchow-MacDonald

Combined Infection Training ST3 and ST4

Dr Becky Wilson

Diagnostic Neuropathology - National

Dr Antonia Torgersen

Forensic Histopathology - National

Dr Kerryanne Shearer

Histopathology - East

Dr Sarah Mukhtar

Histopathology - North

Dr Louise Smith

Histopathology - South East

Dr Alan Stockman

Histopathology - West

Dr Gordon Reid

Nuclear Medicine

Dr Sai Han

Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology - National

Dr Antonia Torgesen


General Practice, Public Health, Broad-based Training

Broad-based Training - National Dr Allan MacDonald
Public Health Medicine - National Dr Josie Murray
GP - East, Westward Dr Emma Wilson
GP - East, Eastward Dr Vicki Cox
GP - North, Caledonian Dr Andrew Moore
GP - North, Grampian

Dr Jennifer CraigDr Lorraine McGuigan 

GP - North, Rural Track Dr Sarah Stevenson
GP - South East, Borders and Midlothian Dr Claire Holdsworth
GP - South East, Edinburgh and East Lothian  Dr Rachel Wood
GP - South East, Edinburgh Central Dr Juli Dalgleish
GP - South East, Fife and North Edinburgh Dr Jonathan Paisley
GP - South East, West Lothian Dr Nicola Duffy
GP - West, Glasgow Clyde North Dr Elizabeth Marshallsay
GP - West, Glasgow Clyde South Dr Brian Scott
GP - West, Glasgow North East Dr Mark McAuley
GP - West, Glasgow North West Dr Barry Gibson-Smith
GP - West, Glasgow South Dr Carolyn McGhie
GP - West, Lanarkshire Dr Corrine Coles
GP - West, Ayrshire and Arran Dr Li-Anna Tan
GP - West, Dumfries and Galloway Dr Suzanne Christie
GP - West, Forth Valley Dr Matthew Williams



Acute Medicine - West Dr Ravi Jamdar
Acute Medicine - East Dr Achyut Valluri
Acute Medicine - North Dr Innes Young
Acute Medicine - South East Dr Claire Gordon
Cardiology - West Dr Aadil Shaukat
Cardiology - East Dr Neil Anglim
Cardiology - North Dr Vera Lennie 
Cardiology - South East Dr Anne Scott
Clinical Genetics - National Dr Anne Lampe
Clinical Neurophysiology - National Dr Arup Mallik
Clinical Oncology - National Dr Graeme Lumsden
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics - National Dr Gerard McKay
Dermatology - East Dr Amina Khalid
Dermatology - North Dr Emma Wray
Dermatology - South East Dr Chandralekha Bertram
Dermatology - West Dr Gabrielle Becher
Diabetes & Endocrinology - West Dr Anna White
Diabetes & Endocrinology - East Dr Laura McCreight
Diabetes & Endocrinology - North Dr Susan McGeoch
Diabetes & Endocrinology - South East Dr Emily McMurray
Gastroenterology - West Dr Jude Morris
Gastroenterology - East Dr Jacqueline Paterson
Gastroenterology - North Dr Gillian Bain
Gastroenterology - South East Dr Carol Blair
Genito-urinary Medicine - National Dr Imali Fernando
Geriatric Medicine - West Dr Alan McKenzie
Geriatric Medicine - East Dr John Harper
Geriatric Medicine - North Dr Matthew Greig
Geriatric Medicine - South East

Dr Richard O’Brien / Dr Gordon Duncan

Haematology - East Dr Sudhir Tauro
Haematology - North Dr Mohammed Khan
Haematology - South East Dr Susan Baird
Haematology - West Dr James Ryan Rodgers
Immunology - National Charu Chopra
Internal Medicine Training - West - Ayrshire (WOS4422-1)  Dr Adam Williamson
Internal Medicine Training - West - Clyde (WOS4424-1) Dr Nma Campbell
Internal Medicine Training - West - Lanarkshire (WOS4426-1) Prof Manish Patel
Internal Medicine Training - West - North Sector and Dumfries (WOS4425-1) Dr David Carty
Internal Medicine Training - West - West Glasgow (WOS4423-1) Dr Gemma McGrory
Internal Medicine Training - East Dr Nikolas Rae / Richard Hammond
Internal Medicine Training - North Dr Susan McGeoch / Dr Will Rutherford
Internal Medicine Training - South East Dr Kerri Baker / Dr Ishwinder Thethy
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Angela Wright
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Russell Drummond 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Christopher Smith 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Christopher Brown  
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Christopher McNally
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - West Dr Colin Petrie 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - South-East Dr Catherine Harley 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - South-East Dr Matthew King 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - East Dr Paul Cadden 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - East Dr Morven Wilkie
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - North Dr Susan McGeoch 
Internal Medicine Stage 2 - North Dr William Rutherford 
Medical Oncology - National Dr Ashita Waterson
Medical Ophthalmology - National Dr Justin McKee
Neurology - National Dr Myles Connor
Occupational Medicine - National Dr Dravendranath Reetoo
Palliative Medicine - National Dr Ruth Isherwood
Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Lynne Hutton
Renal Medicine - West Dr Tara Collidge
Renal Medicine - East Dr Claudine Jennings
Renal Medicine - North Dr David Walbaum
Renal Medicine - South East Dr Paul Phelan
Respiratory  - West Dr Eric Livingston
Respiratory - East Dr Helen Liddicoat
Respiratory - North Dr Mahendran Chetty
Respiratory - South-East Dr Tracey Bradshaw
Rheumatology - West Dr Sandeep Bawa
Rheumatology - East Dr Smita Bhat
Rheumatology - North Dr Hazem Youssef
Rheumatology - South East Dr Hema Bhat
Stroke Medicine - National Dr Myles Connor 


Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - National  Dr Gordon Wilkinson 
Core Psychiatry - East Dr Laura Sutherland
Core Psychiatry - North Dr Michael Turner
Core Psychiatry - South East Dr Pujit Gandhi
Core Psychiatry - West 3 Dr Martin Carlin
(contact programme administrator Fiona Brown)
Core Psychiatry - West 2 Dr Deborah Brown
(contact programme administrator Fiona Brown)
Core Psychiatry - West 1

Dr Stephen Byers
(contact programme administrator Fiona Brown)

Forensic Psychiatry - National Dr Partha Gangopadhyay
General Psychiatry - East Dr Samuel Wilson
General Psychiatry - North Dr Samuel Wilson
General Psychiatry - South East Dr Neelom Sharma
General Psychiatry - West Dr Lisa Conway 
Medical Psychotherapy - National Dr Kathryn Lewis & Dr Emma Lewington
Old Age Psychiatry - National Dr Rekha Hegde
Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability- National  Dr Qudrat Ullah


Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health - National  Dr Susan Brechin 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - East Dr Caithlin Neill
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - North Dr Gail Littlewood 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - South East Dr. Shiona Coutts
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - West Dr Kirstyn Brogan
Paediatric Cardiology - National Dr Ben Smith
Paediatrics - East Dr Joanna Chisholm
Paediatrics - North Dr Shyla Kishore
Paediatrics - South East Dr Laura Jones/Dr Ailis Orr 
Paediatrics - West Dr Ihab Shaheen



Cardio-thoracic Surgery - National  Mr Mark Danton 
Core Surgery - East Ms Philippa Rust
Core Surgery - West Mr Simon Gibson
General Surgery - East Miss Claire Carden
General Surgery - North Mr Ron Coggins
General Surgery - South East Miss Sarah Goodbrand
General Surgery - West Ms Alison Lannigan 
Neurosurgery - National Mr Calan Mathieson
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Ms Debbie Boyd
Ophthalmology - East Dr Caroline Cobb
Ophthalmology - North Dr Sudipto Bhatta
Ophthalmology - South East Dr Pankaj Agarwal
Ophthalmology - West Dr Vikas Chadha
Otolaryngology - Multi-region Mr Alun Williams
Otolaryngology - West Mr David Wynne
Paediatric Surgery - National Mr Martyn Flett
Plastic Surgery - National Mr Stuart Waterson
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - East  Mr Simon Johnson
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - North  Mr David Cairns
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - South East  Dr Emily Baird
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - West Mr Evan Crane
Urology - East Dr Andrew Martindale
Urology - West Dr Holly Bekarma
Vascular Surgery - National Mr Stuart Suttie






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