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Training Programme Directors

These are clinicians on the ground with an oversight of their training programmes and who also manage the rotations.

Training Programme Directors (TPD) and Foundation Programme Directors (FPD) are consultants or general Practitioners appointed to report directly to the Postgraduate Dean or appropriate Deanery representatives.

Each TPD/FPD actively participates in providing direct advice on specialty training programmes by representation on the NES Specialty Training or Foundation Programme Board.

TPD/FPDs are responsible for provide advice, support and management of the Specialty Training Programmes within their NES Region and across the Scotland Deanery.

For further information on the TPD/FPD role, and how to manage Speciality, Foundation and GP Training please see the Programme Director HandBook

TPD/FPD Contacts

*This section is currently under construction. If you need any assistance in contacting your TPD please contact your Training Programme Administrator*

All contact details for FPDs can be found on the Foundation School webpages.


Cardio-thoracic Surgery - National  Mr Mark Danton 
General Surgery - East Mr Alastair Moses
General Surgery - North Mr Ron Coggins
General Surgery - South East Ms Anna Paisley 
General Surgery - West Mr Christopher Wilson 
Neurosurgery - National Mr Patrick Statham
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Mr Craig Wales
Ophthalmology - East Dr Caroline Cobb
Ophthalmology - North Dr Simon Hewick
Ophthalmology - South East Dr Pankaj Agarwal
Ophthalmology - West Dr David Yorston
Otolaryngology - Multi-region Mr Richard Adamson
Otolaryngology - West Mr Alasdair Robertson
Paediatric Surgery - National Ms Amanda McCabe
Plastic Surgery - National Mr Stuart Waterson
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - East  Mr Simon Johnson
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - North  Mr David Cairns
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - South East  Mr Sam Molyneux
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery - West Mr Evan Crane
Urology - Multi-region Mr Ben Thomas
Urology - West Mr Zak Latif
Vascular Surgery - National Mr Stuart Suttie


Chemical Pathology - National  Dr Kevin Deans 
Clinical Radiology - East Dr Shilpi Pal
Clinical Radiology - North Dr Leela Narayanan 
Clinical Radiology - South East Dr Jeremy Jones
Clinical Radiology - West Dr Michael Digby

Combined Infection Training - National

Infectious Diseases - General (Internal) Medicine 

Dr Raymond Fox

Combined Infection Training - National

Infectious Diseases - Medical Virology

Dr Ingolfur Johannessen 

Combined Infection Training - East

Infectious Diseases - Medical Microbiology

Dr Teresa Inkster

Combined Infection Training - West

Infectious Diseases - Medical Microbiology

Dr Teresa Inkster

Diagnostic Neuropathology - National

Professor Colin Smith

Forensic Histopathology - National

Dr Ralph BouHaidar

Histopathology - East

Dr Sarah Mukhtar

Histopathology - North

Dr Louise Smith

Histopathology - South East

Dr Morna McNeill

Histopathology - West

Dr Jane Paxton

Medical Microbiology - National

Dr Pota Kalima

Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology - National

Dr Clair Evans

Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - National  Dr Ereni Skouta 
Core Psychiatry - East Dr Laura Sutherland
Core Psychiatry - North Dr Seonaid Anderson 
Core Psychiatry - South East Dr Norman Nuttall
Core Psychiatry - West North Scheme Dr Deborah Brown
Core Psychiatry - West South Scheme Dr Euan Easton
Forensic Psychiatry - National Dr Nick Hughes
General Psychiatry - East Dr Judith English
General Psychiatry - North Dr Priti Singh
General Psychiatry - South East Dr Neelom Sharma
General Psychiatry - West Dr Wai Imrie
Medical Psychotherapy - National Dr Marina McLoughlin 
Old Age Psychiatry - National Dr Rekha Hegde
Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability- National  Dr Ganesan Rajagopal 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health - National  Dr Susan Brechin 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - East Dr Caithlin Neill
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - North Dr Gail Littlewood 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - South East Dr Paul Mills
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - West Dr Kirstyn Brogan
Paediatrics - East Dr Alice Jollands
Paediatrics - North Dr Shyla Kishore
Paediatrics - South East Dr Laura Jones/Dr Ailsa McLellan 
Paediatrics - West Dr Chris Lilley/Dr Ben Smith 

General Practice, Public Health, Broad-based Training and Occupational Medicine

Broad-based Training - National Dr Wendy Leeper
Occupational Medicine - National Dr Dravendranath Reetoo 
Public Health Medicine - National Dr Cathy Johnman
GP - East, Westward Dr Emma Wilson
GP - East, Eastward Dr Keith Taylor
GP - North, Caledonian Dr Rod Sampson
GP - North, Grampian

Dr Vicki Guthrie

Dr Monica Milne

GP - North, Rural Track Dr Debbie Miller
GP - South East, Borders and Midlothian Dr Catherine George
GP - South East, Edinburgh and East Lothian  Dr Rachel Wood
GP - South East, Edinburgh Central Dr Robbie Bolton
GP - South East, Fife and North Edinburgh Dr Jonathan Paisley
GP - South East, West Lothian Dr Jeremy Chowings
GP - West, Glasgow Clyde North Dr Amanda Connolly
GP - West, Glasgow Clyde South Dr Brian Scott
GP - West, Glasgow North East Dr Mark McAuley
GP - West, Glasgow North West Dr Barry Gibson-Smith
GP - West, Glasgow South Dr Rhona McMillan
GP - West, Lanarkshire Dr Corrine Coles
GP - West, Ayrshire and Arran Dr Lindsay Millar
GP - West, Dumfries and Galloway Dr Fiona Jefford
GP - West, Forth Valley Dr Karine Newlands

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