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Trainee Associates

Trainee Associates are appointed to take part in Quality Management and Quality Improvement activities carried out by the Scotland Deanery for Postgraduate Medical Education and Training.

  • Trainee Associates bring a valuable trainee perspective to various aspects of Deanery work.

  • The purpose of the role includes:
  1. Membership of NES Management/ Quality Improvement Team participating in Quality Management Visits to hospital sites, departments and regional programmes. This will include pre visit analysis of data making use of the NTS and STS survey data, pre visit questionnaires, TPD reports, DME reports and any other sources of relevant data/ information related to training. While on a visit, Associates will verify information received through asking probing questions while maintaining productive working relationships with the organisation being visited. As a team member, Associates will assist in reaching decisions about whether GMC Standards are met and ensuring that these are reflected in the findings of the final visit report.

  2. Attending at least one Quality Review Panel Meeting and a proportion of SQMG/ DQMG meetings each year. Associates may be asked to attend other NES Medical Directorate panels/committees at various local and national events relating to the management of postgraduate medical education.

  3. Contribute to Quality Improvement of Medical Education and Training – e.g. engagement with SHARE
  • Trainee Associates are expected to contribute to evaluations of the quality management / quality assurance process, including the provision of feedback on their experience of the   process.

Trainee Associate Appointment outline.

Feedback forms

Trainee Associates should use the form below to provide feedback following attendance at NES activities

  • Trainee Associate Feedback Form

Chairs of visits should use the form below to provide feedback following a trainee associates attendance at a visit. Feedback can also be given after other NES activities at the discretion of the meeting chair. This form can also be used by the SQIM or a QIM should they wish to provide feedback.

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