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Management Team

Responsible for the management, commissioning and delivery of postgraduate medical education in Scotland.

The Management Team of the Deanery is made up of the Medical Director of NES and his Executive Team.

Medical Directorate Senior Team (MDST)

Chair: Dr. Emma Watson -  Executive Medical Director

MDET is responsible for the overall effective management of postgraduate medical education including its educational governance and quality management

Strategic Planning Group (SPG)

Chair: Amanda Barber - Associate Director

SPG is responsible for the the day-to-day management of the Medical Directorate and Deanery business.

Foundation & Specialty Training Boards

Advisory Boards made up of Associate Deans, College Representatives, Training Programme Directors, Trainee representatives, Service representatives. The Boards advise on workforce planning, curriculum delivery, quality management of programmes. There are 8 Boards, covering groups of specialties and Foundation.

Workstream Management Teams

The work of the Deanery is split into four workstreams, each led by a Dean, GP Director and General Manager.


Professional Development

Lead GP Director: Prof Amjad Khan

General Manager: Adrian Dalby



Lead Dean: Prof Alastair Maclellan

Lead Dean: Prof Adam Hill

General Manager: Duncan Pollock


Strategic Planning & Directorate Support

Lead: Prof Rowan Parks, Deputy Director of Medicine

Lead: Amanda Barber, Associate Director of Medicine

General Manager: Duncan Pollock


Training Management

Lead Dean: Prof Clare McKenzie

Lead Dean: Prof Alan Denison

General Manager: Anne Dickson



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