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Clinical Supervisors

Each trainee has a named Clinical Supervisor who oversees the trainee's clinical work and provides constructive feedback during training placements.

Clinical Supervisors have been appropriately trained to teach, provide feedback and undertake competence assessment for trainees.  The Clinical Supervisor is responsible and accountable overall for the care of the patient and the trainee doctor or dentist.

Clinical Supervisors need to ensure the trainee:

  • Is fully trained in the specific area of clinical care
  • Understands their direct responsibilities for the safety of patients in their care
  • Only performs tasks without direct supervision when competent to do so
  • Is trained in equality and diversity and human rights best practice.

The Clinical Supervisor tailors the level of supervision to the competence and experience of the individual trainee.  This ensures that no trainee is required to assume responsibility for or perform clinical, operative or other techniques in which they have insufficient experience and expertise.

Some training schemes appoint an Educational Supervisor for each placement, with a merged role of Clinical and Educational Supervisor.


There is a Faculty Development Alliance (FDA) course for those intending to become or are existing clinical supervisors.

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