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We are delighted to welcome you to the Scottish Foundation School and to your Training in Scotland.  We hope it will be a stimulating and successful period of training. The pages listed here will help you with progressing successfully through the programme and give you useful information.

We have compiled some essential information that will help you through the early days of Foundation and beyond. We recommend that you read the curriculum and reference guide which can be found on the UKFPO website.

It is important that you update your personal details on Turas as we know that some of this may have changed from when you completed your Oriel application.  It is your responsibility to inform the Deanery of any changes to your personal details throughout your foundation training. Failure to do so may result in vital information not reaching you and important deadlines being missed.


Please see the Turas Hub for details on the Foundation Year 1 Mandatory Induction and Local Induction Information which can be found under Pre-Employment Information.

Key dates for the year including the dates of your induction can be found here.


Current Trainee Rotations

If you have any queries regarding your current indicative rotations, please contact your local administrator. Please note that the information on the Scottish Medical Training website is for recruitment only and is not used to communicate information about rotations to current trainees.