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Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

College Tutor

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Dr Morton Hair






West of Scotland

Unit name

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

Number of deliveries/ year

Approximately 3500

College tutor(s)

Dr Morton Hair (morton.hair@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

Rota coordinator

Dr Julie Murphy (Julie.murphy@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

Rota structure (tier 1: FY2/GPST/ST1-2, tier 2: ST3-7)

Daytime: single tier 2 doctor

Out of hours: single tier 2 doctor.

Resident consultant for weekend nights 52 weeks of the year.

St1 on tier 1 rota, ST2 on tier 2 rota with consultant support.

Main site and any additional posts covered in rotation (eg. For clinics or day surgery)

Main site Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley

Peripheral clinics (both antenatal and gynaecology) at Inverclyde Royal Hospital and Vale of Leven Hospital.

ATSMs/subspecialty training posts offered.

Acute gynaecology and early pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy

Benign Abdominal Surgery (open and laparoscopic) 


Advanced Labour Ward Practice

Abortion Care

Specialist services.

District general hospital

Regional referral service for abdominal cervical sutures.

Weekly MVA lists

What day of the week is departmental teaching?

Friday afternoons.

How to get there.

Parking can be an issue on site at RAH as the main car park is patrolled and permits are required.

There are excellent facilities for cycling. Bike lockers are available and secure, and there are showers and good changing facilities.

Paisley Canal rail station is less than a mile away and takes 15 minutes to walk.

Buses stop within the hospital grounds.

Free parking without the need for permits is available at both the IRH and VOL sites. Excess travel payments can be claimed for travel to these sites.

Top Five things you need to know.

  • There is a consultant resident on site during weekend night shifts in addition to the tier 2 doctor. This is excellent for the ST2/3 who is stepping up and those looking to act increasingly independently at a more senior level.
  • The hands on ultrasound teaching is readily available and high quality
  • Training in laparoscopic surgery is excellent for the more senior trainees
  • Being able to drive between sites is invaluable
  • Good rest facilities available for after on calls and night shifts if required

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