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ARCPs (Annual Review of Competence Progression) occur at least annually for all Specialty Trainees in the UK.

The principles of ARCP are defined in the Gold Guide: COPMED Gold Guide 9th Edition

The Scotland Deanery process is described here https://www.scotlanddeanery.nhs.scot/trainee-information/annual-review-of-competence-progression-arcp/

The NES Training Programme Manager for your speciality and your TPD will give you plenty of notice of the date of the ARCP and the timeline for submission of evidence.

The RCOG has developed a helpful training matrix to clearly describe to you and your educational supervisor which parts of the curriculum are mandated at each stage of training. https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/careers-training/about-specialty-training-in-og/assessment-and-progression-through-training/training-matrix/  

Sometimes your ARCP will occur part way through a training year e.g If you have been out of programme, had a period of parental leave or been absent due to ill health. In such a situation the ARCP panel will assess your progress for the proportion of the training year completed i.e pro rata

If you have any questions about ARCP please use the links above, ask your ES or contact your TPD who will be happy to help.


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