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RCOG 2024 Training ePortfolio development - feedback collection exercise

Dear Heads of Schools, Trainee Representatives, ePortfolio Champions and Deanery Administrators,

We are now undertaking the RCOG Training ePortfolio development feedback collection exercise for 2024, to identify all outstanding requirements for the system and ensure that we are addressing the highest priority developments over the next year.

As part of this, we have put together an online feedback form for all Training ePortfolio users, accessible here. The intention of this exercise is to capture users’ ideas regarding any new functionality they require, or to allow them to let us know about any issues that they are experiencing with the existing functionality which they feel necessitate adjustment.

This feedback collection exercise was previously conducted in February 2023 and, as a result, a number of high priority developments have since been implemented on the system, detailed here.

We would appreciate it if you could assist us by disseminating the form link to all ePortfolio users in your Deanery and, in addition, completing the form with any feedback of your own.

This form will be available online permanently; users can enter all of their feedback in their own time. The first round of feedback findings will be presented to the Training ePortfolio steering group in March 2024 for discussion around which development items should be taken forward.

We would really appreciate it if you could assist us with this important exercise. Please inform us if you have any queries or if there are any issues.

Kind regards,


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