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Regional Teaching (South East)

Local postgraduate teaching sessions are delivered in each region for Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainees throughout Scotland. During the Covid pandemic, the sessions have been running virtually via MS Teams. This is likely to change to a hybrid option in the coming months, with some face-to-face teaching starting to take place. If the session is virtual, those running the session will welcome trainees from other regions – please contact the organiser for more information.

Contact Dr Jennifer Allison (Jennifer.allison3@nhs.scot)

Regional & National Training Days 2022-2023


16th        RIE: ST1 Training day


20th        Chalmers: ST1-7


2nd          RIE: ST1-7            PM only, Generic Welcome and year ahead


21st         National Teaching

  • Menopause
  • Maternal Medicine: epilepsy, cardiac disease, Case presentations


7th           BGH: ST1-5         

  • Management of the Maternal Collapse & Acutely unwell patients (Cip 10)
  • Abnormal Smears – cytology findings/HPV guidance and referrals (Cip 11)
  • Basic physics of ultrasound (Cip 1)
  • Guideline Discussion: Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (Cip 7)
  • Manual Vacuum aspiration if possible – if not Non-rotational forceps (Cip 1)


26th        St Johns: ST5-7

  • Team Working (Cip 5)
  • Leadership Styles (Cip 3)
  • Management of common complications of surgery in Gynae (Knowledge Area 3 Core surgical skills & Professional Identity 3 Clinical Expert Cip 9-12)
  • Management of complications in birth (Knowledge Area 3 Core surgical skills & Professional Identity 3 Clinical Expert Cip 9-12)
  • Hands on: Rotational birth (Cip 1)


25th        AMOnGST - Hosted by East


27th        Dundee: ST5-7  

  • Consultant application
  • Consultant interview
  • What I wish I knew
  • Submitting a proposal


24th  Journal Club, 2.30pm on TEAMS


10th  Journal Club, 2.30pm on TEAMS

24th         National Teaching

  • Robotic Surgery
  • New innovations in Gynae operating
  • Placenta Accreta Syndorme


18th        St Johns: ST1-5

  • Cyst Management in the reproductive age (Manages pelvic masses Cip 11)
  • Infections in Pregnancy (Knowledge are 6: Maternal medicine - Cip 12)
  • Adolescent Gynae (Knowledge area 12: Sexual & reproductive health – Cip 1 & 11)
  • Guideline update: Antenatal Corticosteroids to reduce morbidity & mortality (Cip 7)
  • Hands on: Lap sim session (Cip 1 & 9)

28th Journal Club, 2.30pm on TEAMS


10th May BGH ST1-5 teaching (programme to follow)

19th May RIE ST1-7 teaching (programme to follow)

26th        Dundee: St1-5

  • Psychiatric disorders in Pregnancy (Knowledge Area 6 Maternal Medicine, Cip 12)
  • Understanding investigations for male & female subfertility (Knowledge Area 11 Subfertility, Cip 1 & 11)
  • Screening in pregnancy (Cip 1 & 14)
  • Scientific Impact Paper Review – No 67 Relationship Between Social Determinants of Health & Maternal Mortality (Cip 13 & 14)
  • Hands on: Lap sim part 2


16th         National Teaching

  • Early pregnancy/miscarriage
  • Gestational trophoblastic disease
  • Case discussion & guideline update


5th           Chalmers: ST1-7







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