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Laparoscopic Simulation

Access to surgical training in gynaecology has always had its challenges however this has been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic which has had wide ranging implications at all stages of training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Several laparoscopic simulators have been purchased by the Scottish Deanery and have been distributed to the regional Training Programme Directors.

Laparoscopic Simulation

The following resources have been designed to support all O+G trainees to extract maximum benefit from both their time on laparoscopic trainers but also any precious theatre time. It has been compiled by current trainees with an interest in medical education and laparoscopic operating along with trainers from NES to support the roll out of the laparoscopic simulators.

Laparoscopic Simulation

Within this manual you will be directed to other sources of information to support self-directed learning, alongside helpful hints and tips. It also includes suggested exercises for basic, intermediate and advanced training on the laparoscopic simulators.

Laparoscopic Simulators

A suggested logbook to facilitate record keeping of any time spent on the simulator to support your training. This can be uploaded to your ePortfolio as evidence for you ARCP. Completion of this logbook is not mandatory.

Laparoscopic Simulation

Videos of Laparoscopic Skills

Simulation Courses


Basic practical skills in O&G – includes an introduction to laparoscopy for ST1-2

Benign abdominal surgery course - usually includes an extra practical day as an optional add on. Aimed at ST5-7. Expensive but excellent. Mandatory for some gynae ATSMs. For some ATSMs if you do the course before you are registered for the ATSM it won’t count so check with your local preceptors.

Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation

Includes essential (ST1-2) and intermediate (ST 3-5) lap skills courses, as well as laparoscopic suturing (ST1-7), and TLH courses (ST6-7). The latter is a cadaveric course and fantastic for fully appreciating and exploring side wall anatomy but expensive.

Scottish Centre for Simulation & Clinical Human Factors, Larbert

Aimed at ST1-2. Get a trainer loaned afterwards for ongoing practice.

The Academy Leuven, Belgium

Numerous excellent courses and (hopefully once international travel recommences) easy to get to with modestly priced accommodation nearby.

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