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National Deanery Teaching Programme

Contact: Christy Lamont (Muriel.lamont@nhs.scot)

Core team:

  • North: Sarah McRobbie                
  • East: Kirsty Brown
  • South East: Jennifer Allison, Laura Stirrat, Katherine Rankin
  • West: Sarah Barr, Christy Lamont

The aim of the National Deanery Teaching Programme (NDTP) is to deliver accessible, flexible, high quality virtual teaching through MS Teams. The content is mapped to the 2019 RCOG curriculum and covers aspects of the Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) that are more difficult to attain in every day clinical practice. The programme will focus on the specialist knowledge and skills available in each region and will be delivered as a full day of teaching. Study leave can be applied for through TURAS and your rota coordinator. If you are unable to attend the session in real time, the sessions will be recorded and are available retrospectively. You can request flexible study leave to watch these recordings at a later date. To request access to the NDTP channel on MS Teams, please contact Christy Lamont (Muriel.lamont@nhs.scot)

Contact Dr Christy Lamont (Muriel.lamont@nhs.scot)

Friday 17th June all day

Mental Health of Patients and Clinicians

West of Scotland Host: Dr Sarah Barr and Dr Christy Lamont

0900-1000      Professor Siobhan Banks

Director, Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre, University of South Australia

Dr Banks' research examines the impact of sleep deprivation and 24/7 work schedules on psychological and physiological functioning and how countermeasures may be used to prevent the deleterious effects of disturbed sleep, and manage fatigue.

1000-1045      Dr Kate Patrick, consultant gynaecologist, Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Workplace behaviour champion and Director of Medical Education

Looking after ourselves and each other at work

1045-1100                                                         Break

1100-1230      Dr Aman Durrani, consultant Psychiatrist, Leverndale Hospital, NHS GG&C

What every O&G trainee needs to know about psychiatry

                                Common prescribing in pregnancy

1230-1300      Nursing team – Mother and Baby Unit, Leverndale Hospital

                                How does a Mother and Baby Unit Work?

1300-1330                                                         Lunch

1330-1430      Dr Katherine Morton, consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Lanarkshire

Looking after women with eating disorders in pregnancy

1430-1445                                                         Break

1445-1545      Dr Sarah Quinn, RCOG Trainees Representative for Workplace Behaviour

Civility Saves Lives


Wednesday 21st September all day

North of Scotland host: Dr Sarah McRobbie

Menopause: Dr Atiyah Kamran and Dr Heather Currie

Maternal medicine:  

Epilepsy in pregnancy: Dr Alastair Campbell  

Cardiac disease by Dr Niki Walker

Trainee case presentation – Chair by Dr Katrina Shearer


Friday November 25th 2022 all day

East of Scotland to host

Annual Meeting of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialty Trainees (AMOnGST)



Friday March 24th 2023 all day

West of Scotland to host 

New innovations in gynaecology operating and Placenta Accreta Syndrome


Friday June 16th 2023 all day

North and East to host

Early pregnancy/miscarriage and gestational trophoblastic disease


Friday September 20th 2023 all day

South East to host 

Medico-legal aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology

Implementing policy from Scottish government


Friday November 24th 2023

South East of Scotland to host

Annual Meeting of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialty Trainees (AMOnGST)



Central Belt Journal Club

Contact: cheryl.dunlop@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk.

A Central Belt Journal Club, organised by a small group of South-East and West trainees, occurs approximately monthly on Fridays via Microsoft Teams.  A trainee presents a recent paper that is clinically relevant to our practice, with subsequent discussion supervised by a Consultant.  It is a great opportunity to learn about up-to-date evidence in our specialty and gain experience in critical appraisal.  Certificates are available for both presenters and attendees, which are excellent for evidencing research skills on your ePortfolio.  All trainees are welcome.  If you have read a really interesting paper recently and/or would like to present at a meeting, please contact Cheryl Dunlop at cheryl.dunlop@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk.

We hope to see you (virtually) soon!

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