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Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

College Tutor

Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Dr Essam Hadoura





South-East Scotland

Unit name (s)

Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Number of deliveries/ year


College tutor(s)

Dr Essam Hadoura (Essam.Hadoura@nhs.scot)

Rota coordinator (name and email)

Dr Lesley Curry (Lesley.Curry@nhs.scot)

Rota structure (tier 1: FY2/GPST/ST1-2, tier 2: ST3-7)

Daytime: two tier 1 doctors and two tier 2 doctors

Out of hours: one or two tier 1 doctors and one tier 2 doctor

Main site and any additional posts covered in rotation (eg. For clinics or day surgery)

Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy

Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline: Out-patient ANC / GOPD, minor operations and day surgery

ATSMs/subspecialty training posts offered.

Fetal medicine,

Obstetric medicine,

High risk pregnancy,

Labour Ward Lead,

Advanced Labour Ward Practice,

Benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic,


Acute gynaecology & early pregnancy,

Vulval disease,




No Subspecialty posts

Specialist services.

Fetal Medicine

High risk antenatal clinics: cardiology, haematology, epilepsy

Gynae Oncology

What day of the week is departmental teaching?


How to get there.

Car (free parking) / Train (to Kirkcaldy or Dunfermline) / Bus (to Kirkcaldy). Excess travel expenses are re-imbursed.

Top Five things you need to know.

  • The single tiered registrar rota facilitates attendance at a wide range of theatre and clinic activities for trainees with relevance to all stages of the core curriculum, MRCOG examinations and ATSMs.
  • Ultrasound scan training in both obstetrics and gynaecology is supported and prioritised.
  • On-call shifts provide invaluable experience in labour ward management.
  • Free accommodation for rest after on-calls is available on request.
  • Psychological support and help is available for staff working in maternity services.

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