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St John’s Hospital

College Tutor

St John’s Hospital

Dr Sukhwinder Sahota




South East of Scotland

Unit name

St John’s Hospital

Number of deliveries/ year

Approx 2700

College tutor(s)

Dr Sukhwinder Sahota - sukhwinder.sahota@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Rota coordinator (name and email)

Yvonne Cunningham (Staff Grade) for ST3+ (Yvonne.X.Cunningham@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk)

Allocation of clinical activities Dr Coutts (available on weekly basis)

Rota structure (tier 1: FY2/GPST/ST1-2, tier 2: ST3-7)

Daytime: one tier 2 doctor

Out of hours: one tier 2 doctor

Main site and any additional posts covered in rotation (eg. For clinics or day surgery)

St John’s Hospital (Main Site)

RHSC (for paediatric/adolescent gynaecology); WGH (for urogynaecology); RIE (for gynaecological oncology) operating/clinics/MDT.

ATSMs/subspecialty training posts offered.

Advanced Labour Ward Practice

Fetal Medicine

High risk pregnancy

Labour ward lead

Benign Abdominal Surgery


Paediatric and Adolescent surgery

Vulval disease


Maternal medicine


Urogynaecology and vaginal surgery

Abortion Care

Acute gynaecology and early pregnancy

Sexual Health


Medical Education



Specialist services.

Regional lead for urogynaecology.

What day of the week is departmental teaching?


How to get there.

St John’s Hospital is in Livingston – travel west from Edinburgh down the M8 and take junction 3. The hospital is clearly signposted from the motorway.

There are several busses available from central Edinburgh.

Top Five things you need to know.

  • Supportive senior midwives who are invaluable when becoming ST3 solo registrar on-call in DGH
  • Great opportunities for colposcopy training and out-patient hysteroscopy
  • Ward cover at registrar level facilitates a sense of independence in clinical decision making
  • Unit performs all aspects of gynaecological surgeries: benign gynaecology, urogynaecology, gynaecological oncology
  • Very friendly work environment


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