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Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

College Tutor (Tier 1)

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Dr Kelly Hepburne-Scott



College Tutor (Tier 2)

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Dr Shahzya Huda


Dr Shahzya Huda




West of Scotland

Unit name

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Number of deliveries/ year

Average around 2900

College tutor(s)

Kelly Hepburne-Scott (tier 1) – Kelly.hepburne-scott@nhs.scot

Shahzya Huda (tier 2) – shahzya.huda@nhs.scot

Rota coordinator

The rota is designated to a trainee each year but overseen by the college tutors

Kelly Hepburne-Scott (tier 1 rota) – Kelly.hepburne-scott@nhs.scot

Shahzya Huda (tier 2 rota) – shahzya.huda@nhs.scot

Rota structure (tier 1: FY2/GPST/ST1-2, tier 2: ST3-7)

Daytime: two tier 2 doctors

Out of hours: single tier 1 doctor

ST1/2 on the tier 1 rota

Main site and any additional posts covered in rotation (eg. For clinics or day surgery)

None, all the clinics and theatres run out of Forth Valley Royal Hospital

ATSMs/subspecialty training posts offered.

High Risk  Pregnancy 

Advanced Labour Ward

Acute Gynaecology and Early pregnancy

Benign Abdominal Surgery (open and laparoscopic)

Benign gynaecological surgery: hysteroscopy  Colposcopy

Obstetric Medicine

Medical education

Vulval disease

Urogynaecology and vaginal surgery


Labour Ward Lead

Specialist services.

District General Hospital

Larbert simulation centre on site

Joint sexual health clinic with FSHRH trainees

Outpatient hysteroscopy, colposcopy, specialist vulval clinic, prenatal diagnosis clinic, obstetric medicine clinic, Gyn oncology, fertility, urogynaecology.

What day of the week is departmental teaching?

Monday – CTG teaching

Tuesday – Gynaecology teaching

Thursday – Obstetrics teaching

How to get there.

FVRH is equidistant from both Edinburgh and Glasgow: it is approximately a 30-40 minute drive from the West end of Glasgow or the Southside. From Edinburgh it is approximately 45 minutes from the centre.

The train station in Larbert is approximately a 20 minute walk

Top Five things you need to know.

  • This is an excellent unit to gain confidence in ST3-5. The consultants are supportive and approachable and the midwives are inclusive and friendly.
  • The Larbert simulation centre is attached to the hospital and there are opportunities to get involved in facilitating simulation courses.
  • There are great opportunities for gaining experience in early pregnancy scanning and outpatient hysteroscopy.
  • There are great opportunities for experience in office gynaecology: outpatient hysteroscopy, manual vacuum aspiration, colposcopy and vulval disorders.
  • The local teaching is comprehensive – it runs twice weekly with multidisciplinary CTG teaching as well

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