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Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

College Tutor

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Dr Sarah Woldman



College Tutor

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Dr Lynne Thomson




West of Scotland

Unit name

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Number of deliveries/ year

Average 5,500

College tutor(s)

Dr Sarah Woldman (sarah.woldman@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

Dr Lynne Thomson (lynne.thomson5@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

Rota coordinator

Dr Sarah Woldman (sarah.woldman@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

Rota structure (tier 1: FY2/GPST/ST1-2, tier 2: ST3-7)

Daytime: Three tier 2 doctors

Out of hours: Two tier 2 doctors

ST1 on tier 1 rota, ST2 supernumerary on tier 2 rota.

Main site and any additional posts covered in rotation (eg. For clinics or day surgery)

Majority of work including antenatal clinics are in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Gynaecology clinics and scan lists are also based at the Victoria Hospital or at Stobhill Hospital.

ATSMs/subspecialty training posts offered.

Acute gynaecology and early pregnancy

Obstetric medicine

Benign gynaecology (open and laparoscopic)

Labour ward lead

Advanced labour ward practice

Fetal medicine

Medical education

High risk pregnancy

Abortion care


Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology


Oncology ATSM has not been delivered in previous years however if interested please discuss with Dr. Hardie (college tutor and local oncology lead). Vulval disease may also run depending on demand.


Subspecialty posts:


Maternal-fetal medicine


Specialist services.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has most services and as such is an invaluable experience for any trainee within the speciality.

  • Fetal medicine department with regular invasive procedures such as intrauterine transfusion, laser ablation for twin to twin transfusion etc.
  • Gynaecology operating with opportunities for experience in both open and laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic simulation facilities available on site.
  • Endometriosis centre with advanced laparoscopic combined list
  • Urogynaecology tertiary centre including mesh retrieval
  • High level outpatient gynaecology with regular Myosure, endometrial ablation, vaginoscopy etc.

What day of the week is departmental teaching?


How to get there.

Car – onsite car parking available but recommend arriving before 0830 as otherwise it can be hard to find a space.

Bus – 77 from Glasgow goes straight to the hospital.

Cycling facilities excellent with bike lockers available and multi-tool for bike located on site.

Top Five things you need to know.

  • Excellent unit to get exposure to specialised areas of O&G due to large number of specialist services
  • Consultant body hugely experienced and approachable. They provide engaging learning experiences for trainees at all levels.
  • Attendance at risk meetings can be very valuable learning experience and is encouraged within the unit
  • Senior nursing and midwifery teams are encouraging and helpful to trainees, particularly for junior trainees and their step up to the middle grade rota
  • This is a very busy unit and labour ward. There is a significant volume of out of hours shifts due to requirement for two registrars on site

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