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The GP training programme in South East Scotland is packed with educational opportunities, supporting you through from the steep learning curve at the start of general practice training to CCT and your future career. Please check the NES study leave guidance

During your GP placements, there iare regular educational sessions including small and large group work. During your hospital placements there is a rolling programme of educational courses available from which to choose. Further details about these educational opportunities are provided in the sections below. All presentations and educational resources from each course will be available via the South East NES Moodle website. Don't forget to register for Moodle as it is password protected.


February 2020 - August 2020 Course Planner


    For new trainees ONLY:

    This induction aims to give you, as a new trainee, an overview of what you can expect from and what is expected of you in GP training. It also provides an introduction to the Royal College of General Practitioners curriculum and the GP training e-portfolio.





    Lothian Practice Trainees

    Out of Hours General Practice Training in Lothian Unscheduled Care Service (LUCS).

    LUCS Information sheet


    • Student Common Lounge, 3rd floor WGH 

    This LUCS induction session will only be run once and attendance is mandatory. The session aims to give you an overview of LUCS and to highlight the challenges of Out of Hours care.  All trainees will be expected to complete the relevant number of sessions to 36 hours as directed by the LUCS OOH service, including induction.


    Fife Practice Trainees

    OOH is in PCES.  All trainees will be expected to complete the relevant number of sessions to 36 hours over the six months as directed by PCES OOH service. This will include an induction


    Border Practice Trainees

    OOH in BECs based at Borders General Hospital.  BECS will contact you with Induction dates. All trainees will be expected to complete the relevant number of sessions to 36 hours over the six months as directed by BECS OOH service.  You will attend for induction.


    This is a new meeting day to support ST2 trainees in their year in hospital placements


    • To explore the hospital/GP interface (referrals, discharges)
    • To think creatively about where your learning needs lie and how to address them in the hospital setting
    • To explore the use of the SCCGs
    • Study skills for AKT and to think when it might be appropriate for you to sit it




    This induction will help you get back into the GP mind-set and prepare you for the exciting but challenging year ahead. The requirements for the year will be covered and you will get an insight into what to expect from GPST3 as well as a chance to catch up with your colleagues and meet your groups for GPST3 teaching sessions. Please sign up via PORTAL  


    These teaching sessions are for GPST1s in their GP placements. They are run by an enthusiastic team of GPs and provide you with a mix of clinical topics and insights into the RCGP competencies. Sessions will be full or half-day and vary between large and small group work. Please see below for the current timetable.

    Timetable Aug 2019 - Jul 2020

    The GPST3 Educational Release Progamme aims to provide ST3s with support and a structured educational programme that is largely trainee directed in content. This takes the form of facilitated small group sessions throughout the year (organised by local region) as well as some whole year teaching sessions, a CSA day, a formative CSA and a Careers Day. Information about all of these opportunities is provided below in document form.  Please read the new programme as the small group work has changed considerably this year.



    Introduction to Quality Improvement 1/2 day is a mandatory course for all ST3 trainees


    To introduce/develop the concept of quality improvement with a focus on primary care. Focus on wider context of QI and why trainees might consider undertaking a QI project after an exploration of potential benefits.



    About to CCT?  This is the day for you to find out what you can do once you have CCT'd.  Lots of valuable information from all and sundry and a number of ex-trainees who are now well established GP's


    Hospital Based Group Learning is for GP trainees who are currently in hospital placements. This is split into five days covering different areas of the curriculum. It is ideal if you can attend each day ONCE at some point in your training. Each session is run twice a year. Other suitable educational opportunities

    Please apply via PORTAL

    This course is designed for those trainees in hospital placements who DO NOT have Obstetrics and Gynaecology in their rotation. The GP team will be monitoring applications and if you have incorrectly applied your application will be removed.  Shold there be any remaining places you may be allocated a space..  It provides an overview of useful Obs and Gynae topics for General Practice including relevant obstetric issues for GPs, postnatal topics for GPs and urogynaecology. Below is a link to a document which provides the learning objectives of this course.


    Learning Objectives of O&G course

    This course is designed for those trainees in hospital placements who DO NOT have Paediatrics in their rotation.  The GP team will be monitoring applications and if you have incorrectly applied your application will be removed.  Should there be any remaining places you may be allocated a space.


    There are now two stand alone one day courses, they can be attended in any order:


    Spotting the Sick Child    
    Long term and Complex Care of Children (Programme for the day (word doc))    

     Please book through NES Portal.

    • Aim

      1. To increase the confidence of GP trainees in diagnosing & managing common paediatric   presentations in Primary care
      2. To learn to recognise normal or benign conditions from abnormal or serious ones.
      3. Understand which children should be referred to secondary care
      4. Explore long term and complex care of children including those with disabilities.


    • Subjects include:

      Surgical problems; Respiratory problems; GI Medicine; Dermatology; Musculoskeletal problems; Assessing the feverish child


    CHILD SAFEGUARDING GUIDE: Scotland Deanery Child Safeguarding Level 3 Guidance:  A how to guide.


    This course runs once a year and can be booked through NES Portal.  You should only attend this if you have completed GPST1 Educational Release Programme i.e. attended the basic ethics session

    Aims & Objectives:

    • To review some of the key ethical challenges facing GPs in our day to day work
    • To  develop the idea of frameworks for ethical decision making discussed in ST1 looking at other ethical decision making templates
    • To look at the history of medical ethics and how this subject has evolved and is evolving over time

    Learning Outcomes:

    • To have an interesting very interactive practical and enjoyable professional development day

    • To develop the ability of GP Trainees to think ethically both on their feet during their day to day interaction with patients and colleagues and also when reflecting on these interactions after the event.



    This course is open to all trainees at any point in their training journey

    This course can be booked through NES Portal.

    Aims & Objectives:

    1. Help trainees have an understanding of the job they are doing now and they are likely to be doing in the future
    2. To increase understanding of why resilience is important
    3. To work with colleagues and facilitators on the course to develop practical tools to boost trainees' own resilience.

    Learning Outcomes: 

    1) At the end of the course trainees will have an increased awareness and understanding of the challenges faced in general practice and will leave with practical tools to manage these challenges and flourish as a GP throughout their career.

    This course is open to all trainees but is probably more suited to those in ST3.  It is two day course of GP trainees who would like to learn more about occupational medicine.

    Please book through NES Portal.

    Aim & Objectives

    By the end of the module the participants will have an understanding of:

    • The relationship between health and work
    • The health benefits of work
    • Common occupational disease
    • Health and safety legislation
    • Employment Legislation
    • The occupational history
    • Risk assessment
    • The fit note – its strengths and weaknesses
    • How to undertake a health and work consultation
    • Supports available for their patients
    • The structure and availability of occupational health
    • How to access support as a GP working in occupational health
    • Available training options for GPs in occupational medicine

    Trainees who are on a psychiatry placement will automatically be allocated a place, attendance is part of your psychiatry teaching. Trainees who do not have psychiatry in their placement can book onto each session separately.  Please book via Portal  This is best undertaken in ST3 placements.  There are 10 half-day sessions in a rolling programme which runs twice a year. 

    New Attendance Guidance for Psychiatry Trainees