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GP trainees in hospital placements

Super condensed GP curriculum guides

These have been developed by NES as guides to the RCGP Curriculum, including roles, assessments and CBD guide for Clinical Supervisors and trainees whilst in specific hospital attachments


GPST Hospital Clinical Supervisor Guidance

All the information you require for assessments and clinical supervisor reports see RCGP website

GP Practice Attachments

When you are in a hospital post you should spend 2-3 days per 6 months visiting your Educational Supervisor’s GP practice. Please make early contact with your Educational Supervisor to organise this. Ideally, tying in your visit in January and end of May early June may allow your visit to coincide with completion of your "Educational Supervisor Review".  If you require to apply for travel expenses for attendance at GP Practice Attachment Days, then you need to make a Study Leave application for these in advance of the meeting.


Educational Opportunities

Relevant educational opportunities when you are in hospital placements are provided by regional GP course organisers.  More information regarding regional teaching opportunities can be found in the educational opportunities pages

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