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GP Trainees as NES Employees


All GP trainees will now be employed by NES even when in hospital, however, local health boards will be undertake some elements of employment on behalf of NES - please see the hub website for more details  This will provide:

  • more comprehensive HR support
  • NES responsibility for visas and dealing with the UK Borders Agency
  • clarity of arrangements with an agreed Training Practice Agreement
  • definition of the responsibilities of NES, the GP practices, the trainers and the trainees
  • consistency of policies and management of trainees across Scotland no matter where they are placed
  • A smoother transition of employment and contractual obligations between different placements

Visit the hub website (click on the picture) for more details of policies, processes and employee information you need. As a NES employee,  the HR team are quite separate from the Deanery administrators overseeing your training. You will find the policy on whistle-blowing on this site, and some guidance on what to do. You can also report a concern to Deanery colleagues, as well as in your practice.

   NES Employee web link