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Trainers feedback


  • ‘Helpful to openly discuss IMG issues with my trainee’

  • ‘Important for trainees to have the ES present and support them, understand the issues so we can support them better’

  • ‘Good to attend with trainee - it strengthened our relationship and I understood the challenges faced by my trainee, everyone’s journey is different’

  • ‘That is definitely a strength of this course. I think this was an excellent idea’

  • 'IMG journeys/stories were inspirational for ES’s and therapeutic for trainees'

  • 'Very important talk about understanding IMGs background when giving feedback'

  •  'Interesting and interactive session with good balance of video clips and chance to respond to presentation'

  •  'Thanks for all your efforts - as an ES with an IMG for the first time, it's been such a help and he has felt welcomed and respected, so very positive. I hope for further sessions like that in future. It was an excellent effort.'

  •  'Thanks for working so hard on this - really stimulating and helpful. Made me proud to be be a Scottish GP trainer.'

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