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GP trainees in the West of Scotland are offered a large variety of educational opportunities to compliment the experience they gain whilst in practice. There are eight regional training programmes in the West of Scotland and GP based teaching is organised in these programme areas. There are also hospital based courses that are available to all trainees. Please read the NES study leave guidance

The sections below provide you will more information and timetables for these opportunities.

    At the start of your training there are a few very important things that you need to do. 

    You will be sent a starter pack that includes important documents for you to complete and return. You will also be asked to complete a disclosure document before you start the programme and it is very important that you return this in a timely fashion so that the necessary checks can be completed. if not this may delay the start of your training.

    One of the first things you should do is to sign up with the Royal College of General Practitioners for your eportfolio and become an AiT. There are many advantages to this and you have to register in each year of your programme.

    Inductions are run in programme groups and you will be informed of the date for your group:

    Glasgow South, North East and North West Programmes
    Organised by TPDs - Rhona McMillan, Alison Garvie, Linsey Semple

    Glasgow North West Course Organiser: neil.murray@nhs.scot

    • Glasgow North West GPST1 Induction Date: 16th August
    • Glasgow North West GPST3 Induction Date: 21st August

    Ayrshire & Arran
    Organised by TPD - Paul Kerr

    Dumfries & Galloway
    Organised by TPD - Fiona Jefford

    Forth Valley
    Organised by TPD - Chris Mair

    Organised by TPD - Laurence Bell

    Glasgow Clyde - Southward
    Organised by TPD - Winnie Weir

    Glasgow Clyde - Northward
    Organised by TPDs - Nick Dunn and Phil Gordon

    A series of training days have been organised for GPSTs. Each GPST will have an opportunity to attend these courses throughout ST1 and ST2 as they will be repeated throughout the year. These courses should be booked through the GP Unit with a booking form.

    These courses cover clinical topics and RCGP competency areas. 

    Current timetable Oct - Dec 2019 - apply via Portal

    These sessions are for GP trainees whilst they are on their GP placements. They involve small group facilitated learning. Please find below links to the different regions timetables.

    Ayrshire and Arran

    Dumfries and Galloway

    Forth Valley

    Glasgow Clyde North

    Glasgow Clyde Southwards

    Glasgow North East

    Glasgow North West Course Organiser: neil.murray@nhs.net

    Glasgow East ST3 Programme

    Glasgow South


    These courses are for GPST1s and GPST3s in GP placements and are run at least twice a year. Courses include a Paediatric Update Course and a Minor Surgery course. Courses can be booked through the GP Unit with a booking form.

    Minor Surgery Course: Venue - will be held at the Golden Jubilee in Clydebank 

    Minor Surgery Sample Timetable

    Dates for 2018-19:

    • 20th September 2018


    The Paediatric Update Course

    This is a two day course which provides a comprehensive overview of paediatric problems commonly encountered in general practice and is presented by a range of specialists. 

    Paediatric Course Sample Timetable

    Dates for 2018-19

    • TBC