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Vision of the North Region Educational Programme

  • Meet the needs of all those recruited to GPST in order for them to achieve CCT.
  • Encourage excellence in all areas and contexts.
  • Prepare STs fully for the work of GP.
  • Equip STs with skills to be lifelong learners.
  • Recognise individual skills and talents to provide opportunities to develop these.
  • Be aware of and respond appropriately to trainees who have additional needs as learners.
  • A learner centred ethos underpins all provision and developments.
  • Acknowledge the role of Educational Supervisors within GPST educational provision, and develop a partnership approach with Deanery staff.

The North Region provides three different educational programmes depending on where you are studying. These are:

  • Grampian
  • Caledonian
  • Rural Track

In the sections below, you will find more information about the educational opportunities available in your area. Please read the NES study leave guidance

For more information regarding North of Scotland Training please visit the blog

    The educational programme based in Aberdeen provides a range of opportunities to support the educational development of GP trainees. No programme however, can be fully comprehensive, so it is important that trainees take full advantage of the learning environments within GP and hospital posts to complement what is provided. 

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Induction/ Educational Programme will be a mix of Virtual and In-Person sessions

    Grampian runs inductions in Aug-Sept of each year for GPST1s,  GPST2s, GPST3s and GMED, who start in August and also February inductions for February the February intake.. 

    Induction Programme dates 2022/2023:

    August 2022 Inductions

    • Induction Programmes:
    • ST1 – 24th August
    • ST2 – 31st August
    • ST3 - 31st August
    • ST1&3 (Child and Adult Protection) - 5th September
    • GMED - 8th September


     February 2023 Inductions:

    • TBC

    Half Day Release

    (Wednesday mornings 9am - 1pm)

    August - February

    September: 21st, 28th

    October: 5th

    November: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 31th

    December: 7th, 14th 

    January: 11th, 18th 

    February - August

    February: 22nd

    March: 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th

    April: 19th, 26th

    May: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 30th

    June: 7th

    • GPSTs are assigned to a small group of usually 8-11 from peer year group.
    • These sessions allow you to develop groupwork skills and a team approach to learning through PBSGL.
    • There is also opportunities to improve consultation and communication skills and explore issues and themes that arise in GP practice. 
    • Session 1 - from 9am-11am facilitated session with an experienced GP.
    • Session 2 - 11am - 1pm Peer facilitated PBSGL session.
    • Currently running online via MS Teams.
    • Minimum attendance 75% required.
    • Groupwork Log Sheet
    • PBSGL Log Sheet


    Core Workshops

    • These workshops cover a variety of topics relevant to GP training and are available to GPSTs at any stage. Attendance at all over the 3 year period is recommended. Provisional dates for this years core workshop are available here.  Please check back regularly to check confirmed information.


    Clinical Attachments

    • The following document provides you with the contact details for clinicians in different specialities who are keen to have GP trainees for a clinical attachment.
    • Please email your feedback on your clinical attachment to Jennifer.Craig@nhs.scot 
    • Grampian Clinical Attachments details


    Consultative forum

    • The Consultative Forum meetings are attended by the GP Associate Advisers and GPST's in Grampian.  The intention is to give all Trainees the opportunity to voice any suggestions and give feedback about the design and delivery of the Programme (for both your Education and posts).  There will be 2 x lunchtime meetings / 6 monthly.

     Next forum:

    • Wednesday 19th January 2022
    • Wednesday 27th April 2022


    TPD Drop- in Sessions:

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Induction/ Educational Programme will take place virtually for the foreseeable future 

    Dates for 2020:

    • Inductions Programmes 
    • ST1 - 20th August 
    • ST2 - 27th August 
    • ST3 - 27th August 


    The Caledonian Programme offers a wide variety of educational opportunities including induction, courses on clinical topics and small group learning sessions.


    Caledonian Programme Teaching Overview

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Induction/ Educational Programme will take place virtually for the foreseeable future 

    Dates for 2020:

    • Inductions Programmes 
    • ST1 - 20th August 
    • ST2 - 27th August 
    • ST3 - 27th August 


    GP trainees on the Remote and Rural track will have unique learning opportunities in the Rural General Hospitals and GP placements in their rotation. They should attend all the educational opportunities as described in the Caledonian Educational Programme (above) but are also an additional Rural workshop. 

    Caithness & the Islands - Trainees come together for the day in Inverness, three times a year. All other sessions link trainees by VC for an afternoon session, every fortnight. 

    Fort William & Oban - Sessions take place one day a month with the same format as Caledonian Programme, venue alternating between Oban and Fort William. 


    As an ST in Rural track, which elements of the Caledonian/Rural track educational programme should I attend, and when? 

    Rural Track GPST stage


    Core options

    Group work





    Attend ST1 Induction

    Available throughout programme

    Throughout programme

    Attend day 1 of ST1 course (Induction and PBSGL training)




     Attend day 2 of ST1 course (Child protection & Consultation skills)


    Attend ST2/AKT induction day



    Attend ST3 induction (part of ST3 course)