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The East Region runs a comprehensive educational programme for GP trainees. This includes day release programmes for ST1s, ST2s and ST3s. There are also specific courses for ST3 covering topics such as women's health and emergencies in general practice. An AKT course is run twice a year for ST2s. Please read the NES study leave guidance


    The ST1 year starts with a residential induction session over two days. During the ST1 year we run teaching sessions for all ST1 trainees to attend, both those in General Practice but also those on hospital rotations. These sessions are mostly delivered by our secondary care colleagues and are based around a specific clinical topic. Additionally, for those ST1 trainees in General Practice, we run additional an additional day release programme which consists of a mixture of topic based teaching relevant to general practice and peer-led sessions.




    During ST2 we run the AKT preparation course for trainees planning to sit their AKT exam during the ST2 year. We also run various afternoon sessions based on a range of clinical topics.





    The day release programme in ST3 runs with trainees meeting in small, regionally based, groups in the morning before coming together in Ninewells for a teaching session based on a clinical topic in the afternoon. Alongside this we run various courses including women’s health, child health, minor surgery and the BASICS course. Additionally, we also run the AKT Preparation course for those trainees taking the AKT exam in ST3.