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The East Region runs a comprehensive educational programme for GP trainees, which includes regional and local teaching. There are specific programmes for trainees in GP posts and those in hospital posts. Courses are booked via Turas learn, and this also includes more information about specific teaching sessions.

The current teaching schedules are available to access using these links:

EAST ST1 in GP posts Feb 24 (pdf)

EAST ST1&2 in hospital posts Feb 24 (PDF)

East ST3 Feb 24 (PDF)

In addition to the teaching programme, we also:

  • Provide induction support at the start of each training year
  • Support mandatory elements of training, by liaising with local BLS course providers and safeguarding sessions
  • Support trainees to access important national NES resources such as AKT webinars and SCA introduction courses


    For ST1 trainees in their GP posts, there are regular small group local teaching sessions, that cover a range of GP topics linked to the RCGP capability areas. There are also peer-led Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) sessions. In addition, there are regional teaching sessions available on topics such as Ethics and The Knowledge Network.


    For ST1 and ST2 trainees in their hospital posts, there are regional teaching session available over the course of their posts. These are on various topics including speciality based sessions, such as palliative care, respiratory, and urology. There are also sessions that are shared with the South East region. In addition, trainees have access to national Bitesize lunchtime teaching sessions, and a peer-led teaching and learning day.


    For ST3 trainees, there are regular small group local teaching sessions. These provide an opportunity for trainees to address their learning needs in a supportive small group setting, facilitated by a GP. There are also peer-led Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) sessions. Specific topic-based sessions are also available, such as Women’s Health, Paediatrics, and Dermatology. Trainees can also access sessions on a variety of other topics including sustainability, lifestyle medicine, and veteran’s health.