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Trainees feedback


  • ‘I talked about things I have never spoken to anyone about before'

  • ‘Felt my perceived disadvantage of being an IMG was resolved as the day went on’

  • ‘Very useful, made me feel welcome and felt encouraged, thank you for the effort taken’

  • ‘Videos and tips from recently successful IMG’s made me realise the task ahead, increased my motivation’

  • 'Stats were an eye opener but not surprised or disappointed, it’s just I need to work harder'

  • 'It was nice to hear so many positive comments from the trainees about training in Scotland and about the support offered. Makes me proud to work here!

  • 'Really engaging and great to have some personal experience- lots of great points in how to talk about communication difficulties'

  • 'I have got a clear idea of how to write a reflection. Small group discussion was very helpful.'

  • 'The views of a recent successful IMG trainee was very useful and insightful.'


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