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What Happens On A Quality Management Visit?

Quality Management Reviews occur over the course of a day and are structured to allow adequate time to speak with location management teams, trainees, trainers, nurses and allied health professionals. Occasionally department managers and administration staff will also attend relevant sessions. Trainee and trainer sessions are usually scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes but can occasionally run longer if required. An example of a Review timetable can be found below:

Time slot


Item lead

09:30 to 10:00

Review Team meet Local Unit and Health Board representatives to discuss Review Process.

Review Lead

10:00 to 10:15

Summary Session (Review Team only)


10:15 to 11:00

Nurses and AHP staff Focus Group

Panel member

11: to 11:15

Summary Session (Review Team only)


11:15 to 12:00

Core Dental Trainee Focus Group

Panel member

12:00 to 12:30



12:30 to 12:45

Summary Session (Review Team only)


12:45 to 13:30

Trainer Focus Group 

Panel member

13:30 to 14:00

Summary Session (Review Team only)


14:00 to 14:30pm

Feedback Session – Clinical Directors/Leads, and cross section of Unit/Specialty Team

Review Lead/Review Team


Review Finish



All Reviews are conducted using pre-determined quality management question sets.

These are standardised and structured question guides that have been purposefully written to reflect the domains outlined in the GDC's Standards for Specialty Education.

The question sets are specific to each session, with a different focus depending on whether trainees, trainers or allied health professionals are present. The Review Lead will generally direct Review Panel members to ask questions relating to particular aspects of dental education and training, which includes; induction, formal teaching, the provision of feedback, study leave, workload, rotas, handover, adequate experience, clinical and educational supervision, education resources including IT, patient safety, adverse incidents, and culture and undermining.

Following each session, the panel will discuss any issues which emerge and use this information to help inform later sessions.

At the end of the process the Review Lead, in conjunction with the other Review Panel members, will develop a set of recommendations and requirements which they believe could be considered to develop and improve the educational experience and training environment for trainees.

To conclude the Review, a feedback session is scheduled for the Review Lead to provide the location with a verbal summary of the review Panel’s findings. This includes areas of good practice and any recommendation and requirements regarding areas which need to be developed further. Depending on the overall findings of the Review, a decision may be made to re-review a site with the timescale for this indicated either during the feedback session, or shortly after the Review.

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