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What Happens After a Quality Management Review?

Immediately after a Quality Management Review a brief outline providing feedback to the location management team about the Review Panel’s findings is provided to the location management team within 3 working days. This document is a formal written summary of the verbal feedback provided by the Review Lead at the end of the visit.  

Following this, a comprehensive Review Report is produced within 6 weeks of the Review, detailing the findings of the Review Panel with respect to all of the GDC's Standards for Specialty Education. After approval by Review Panel members and the Review Lead, the report is circulated to the LEP, relevant TPDs and DME/Clinical Director(s). The report is carefully written so that any information is anonymised and not traceable to a single individual; this includes trainers as well as trainees. Review reports will be published on the NES website normally within three months of a Review, and will include Recommendations and Requirements:

Review Outcome



Issued when a Review identifies that a GDC standard, whilst technically met,

 could be improved upon.


Issued when a Review identifies that a GDC standard is not currently

being met and requires a direct intervention to satisfy the standard.


In response to the Report the DME/clinical Director(s), in collaboration with trainers from the reviewed LEP, are required to develop an Action Plan which adequately addresses any training concerns, recommendations or requirements that have been highlighted through the Quality Management Review process. The Action Plan is required to be shared with NES within four weeks.

Depending on the outcome of the Quality Management Review a re-review may be arranged to follow up any concerns within a specified time scale. Alternatively, NES will liaise with the DME/Clinical Director(s) to check on the implementation and progress of the Action Plan, with a more detailed Review conducted at a future QRP. LEPs delivering successfully on their Action Plans will be recognised, however, if there is no progress following a re-review and significant concerns persist then a LEP may be highlighted to the GDC. 

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