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Quality Management Visits and Reviews



NHS Education for Scotland (NES) strives to achieve excellence in dental education and training and is responsible for upholding the educational standards outlined by the General Dental Council (GDC), and is committed to improving the quality of postgraduate dental education provided to all trainees across the Scottish Deanery.

Quality Management Visits and Reviews are a key element of the work undertaken as part of the Dental Directorate Quality Management Framework. Visits and reviews enable NES to make an assessment regarding the quality of a training environment provided by local education providers (LEPs) or within a particular training programme, and specifically whether training satisfactorily meets the GDC's Standards for Specialty Education.



Quality Management Reviews are NOT an assessment of individual trainees or their competencies. The Review Panel wants to hear and acknowledge YOUR experiences of training, both good and bad to identify and promote areas of good practice as well as support the introduction of measures to develop and improve training. All trainee views are taken into account by the Panel, irrespective of training programme or stage of training. As a trainee your role in the Review Process is crucial and we encourage you to make every effort to participate. Your department or local postgraduate education centre should make arrangements to free you from clinical duties and enable you to participate at the allotted time(s) during the Review.

The dropdown list below is written from a trainee’s perspective to provide greater insight into the Quality Management process and the procedures involved when a Review or Visit occurs.

It’s intended that the information contained here will answer any questions you may have. If you have questions not addressed here please contact Harry Peat, Dental Directorate Quality Manager for Core and Specialty Training at: harry.peat@nhs.scot


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