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What Happens Before a Dental Directorate Quality Management Review?

Dental Directorate Quality Management Review high-level Timeline

In exceptional circumstances where a concern is of a potentially serious nature the timeline above may be amended and reduced in order that the Review can be undertaken as quickly as possible.

In advance of a Quality Management Review, the assigned Review panel members conduct a pre-visit videoconference to discuss the material contained within the pre-Review information pack. The pack includes any data or intelligence relating to the upcoming Review, for example; previous survey results for the location, the feedback from the Pre-Review Questionnaires (PRQs), relevant TPD reports and Health Board information, as well as additional supporting information such as departmental rotas and local teaching programmes. Close attention is paid to any free text comments left in surveys and the PRQs.

The material contained in the pre-Review information pack helps to orientate Review panel members to the location being reviewed and assists in identifying areas they may wish to explore in greater detail during the Review. This may be driven by concerns emerging during review of the data, or evidence of good practice that the Review Panel are keen to learn more about and share with others.


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