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Improving Quality

A key component of the Dental Directorate Quality Management Framework is the aim to promote improvements in the quality of postgraduate dental education and training.

When a Dental Directorate Quality Management Visit to a local education provider (LEP) or programmes identifies that the General Dental Council’s (GDC's) standards are not being met, the reports of these visits will make requirements that must be addressed to ensure that, in future, the GDC’s standards will be met. The Directorate will monitor the implementation of action plans submitted by the Director of Dentistry at the LEP to ensure all of the improvements have been implemented and sustained. Specialty Training Programme Director (TPD) may also have responsibility for the action plan.

Quality Review Panels (QRPs) incorporate a process to identify signals of potential good practice and issue letters commending the quality of training to the trainers, DoDs and TPDs who are associated with the units providing the training. This aims to encourage local awareness and reflection upon the strengths of a training unit and to draw this acknowledgement to the attention of not just the local trainers who are involved but also to the DoD of the associated health board and to the TPD for the programme to encourage consideration of where lessons may be learned. 

During QM visits it is not unusual to identify aspects of training that represent good practice. Our visit reports routinely record such practice and we collate examples for sharing as part of our annual report process.


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