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Key to the delivery of Scotland Deanery’s Dental Directorate Quality Management Framework is our engagement with our internal and external stakeholders. Underpinning our approach to engagement are our aims to have clarity around our processes, to be open to receiving feedback, and to continually improve our processes based on learning from doing what we do.  Our approach to engagement is both at a strategic level and operational level.

The following table summarises just some of the engagement opportunities that continue, with some examples of the benefits or outcomes that have resulted.

Stakeholder group

Meeting or process

Benefit or Outcome 

General Dental Council (GDC)


As needed advice and guidance

Support from GDC in developing the implementation of Standards and instances where standards are either not being met or only partially being met.

Scottish Government

Monthly update on Enhanced

Monitoring cases

SGHD Dental team is kept updated about any relevant dental postgraduate training issues.


Externality (as needed)


QM visits

Quality Review Panels (QRPs)

The directorate may call on representation from other NES directorates e.g. pharmacy, medicine.

Provides medical professional externality on our processes. 

Directors of Dentistry (DoDs)

Quality of Dental Education

DoD's receive copies of Visit Reports and recommendations and are also asked to complete an annual return/report to the Directorate regarding training programme performance in their geographic remit 

Dental Schools


Scottish Dental Deans

SDD & DDQMG – both support collaborative working. Establishing an undergraduate QRP which is supported by the deanery, attended by postgraduate representatives and shares findings with the postgraduate panels has supported effective information sharing and planning of activity.





Engagement of trainees in completion of survey tools – including the Scotland Deanery's Scottish Training Survey (STS), and pre-visit questionnaires (PVQs)

Engaging trainees in improving their own training and the training of those that follow them is a key strand of our framework. Their involvement brings a trainee perspective to what we do and helps build confidence in our work amongst the wider trainee group.


Lay Partners

QM visits

We work with Lay Partners to ensure fairness in all that we do, taking advice from members of the community who wish to contribute to improving medical education and training.

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