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Dental Appraiser Training


In response to demand from the territorial Health Boards, the Dental Directorate will be providing a series of Appraiser Training courses to a nominated cohort of Health Board dental professionals.

The course delivery and content will mirror that of the Medical Appraisal training courses, with the following adaptations for dental professionals:

  • Sample materials for use during the course have been adapted to be dental specific
  • Medical Appraisal training includes content on Revalidation, which does not apply to the majority of dental professionals, so will not be covered in these bespoke courses.

Course Information

Courses are now available from mid-December 2022 through to April 2023. Course dates are available here and you will be able to select your preferences on a first, second, and third choice basis.

Courses will be delivered virtually via MS Teams, with each course comprising 2 half-day sessions. Delegates must attend the two half days of their allocated course as they will be paired with another delegate for activities across the two sessions. It will not be possible to attend day one of one course and day two of another.

There is a course application form to complete which will ask for some background details about yourself and also allow you to provide your three choice preferences for the course you wish to attend. The Application Form is available here.

Courses will be allocated as equitably as possible across the cohort of delegates so that there is a fair distribution of training for each of the Health Boards who have nominated delegates to receive training. 

Courses will have a maximum capacity of 8 delegates and will only be run if there is a minimum of 4 delegates.

The Dental Directorate reserve the right to postpone a course if there are mitigating circumstances to do so.

Course Pre-work

Allocation to a course will require you to undertake course pre-work. To facilitate this, we have permission to utilise the Medical Appraisal pre-work and a link to their webpage for this is below:


Feedback from past participants on Medical Appraiser courses suggests that it takes at least 30 minutes to work through each module (circa 3.5 to 4 hrs in total).  Please pace yourself accordingly.

There is a Dental specific workbook available for you to use during your pre-work and that you may wish to refer to during the course that you attend.  The workbook is available to download from this link

Questions and Enquiries

If you have any questions or queries regarding the proposed Dental Appraiser training, then please email harry.peat@nhs.scot

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