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Dental Core Training

Welcome to Dental Core Training (DCT). Please access the Turas link below where you will find valuable information about courses for trainees, resources and links to wider relevant education and information sites.

Turas is our data management system that holds information about you, your posts, your RCP results and your study leave applications. We initially set you up in the system, and after doing so, you will receive an automated email allowing you to log in to Turas. Please log in within 24 hours, and check that the information we have entered is accurate. A reset of the automated email can be requested via the helpdesk button.

Please also ensure that you keep your contact details up to date. Once you have logged in please click the following link to take you to the Dental Core Training pages on Turas

For further enquiries please contact: dentalcoretraining@nes.scot.nhs.uk

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