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I am a Trainee and Have Been Asked to Attend a Quality Management Review

Prior to a Quality Management Review your department, training programme or postgraduate education centre should notify you in advance to confirm the date and time that you will be required to participate, along with details of how to do so. In the current operational climate reviews are being undertaken virtually using technology such as Microsoft Teams, so joining details for the relevant session(s) that you are required for will be provided.

Arrangements should be made locally to cover your regular clinical commitments to ensure you are available to attend the trainee session of the Review. The expectation is that all dentists in training who are based at the location which is being reviewed should have the opportunity to provide their views to the Review Panel. If the date of the review overlaps with your being unavailable through either planned or unplanned leave, you will have been provided with the opportunity to complete the pre-review questionnaire before the Review so that your input can still be considered.

If you work at a location which has different grades of trainee, separate trainee sessions may be organised. The session you are invited to attend will be relevant to your level of experience, for example; core trainees and speciality trainees will ideally be seen separately.

For locations where, for example, only speciality trainees are present, then the entire trainee cohort may be seen in a single session, even though they may be in different Specialty Training programmes.

In some circumstances the Dental Directorate may elect to undertake a Programme Review.

This type of Review may occur when the Specialty Training Programme operates across multiple locations, but that there may only be one or two trainees at each location. A Programme Review would enable a single Review Event to be held, rather than a series of location Reviews which would be less efficient when considering the time and logistics of a series of Reviews in relation to the small number of participants for each Review.

During your session the Quality Management Review Panel will introduce themselves with the Review Lead explaining the purpose behind the Review. Review Panel members will then take turns at asking questions relevant to your training environment. The answers you provide will guide the Review Panel in making an assessment regarding the quality of education and training being provided at the location. Questions are always posed to the group of trainees participating, and no one will ever be individually targeted. Most trainee sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

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