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RCPCH Curriculum, Portfolio & ARCP

The curriculum is set by the college and there is a number of resources on the college website about the new updated curriculum.  There are also a number of how-to guides for using the Kaizen portfolio system.  If you are new to training and you are not sure how to best use the portfolio please ask!

RCPCH curriculum guidance

RCPCH Portfolio guidance

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

ARCP is the formal process of reviewing the progress of a doctor in training.  There is a helpful FAQ provided by NES which details the process and addresses possible difficulties.  NES Administrator sends out reminder emails at six months before and close to the ARCP, with updated details of what is expected.

It can take some time to become accustomed to the paediatric portfolio system (Kaizen).  Some general pointers for a successful ARCP are provided below.

  • Ensure that you have created your training posts for the training year and linked your Educational and clinical supervisors.
  • Any absences other than annual leave and approved study leave must also be entered under Absences.
  • All level 3 trainees have an additional curriculum to complete in addition to the 11 generic domains; either level 3 general Paediatric curriculum OR the relevant subspecialty curriculum if a grid trainee
  • Please ensure you initiate your clinical and educational supervisors’ reports in good time. It can take at least an hour to​ do
  • Ensure PDPs are signed off whether still in progress or achieved

Checklist for the Paediatric ARCP

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