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FAQs - Preparing for your ARCP

The Scotland Deanery has adapted our ARCP process for 2020 to reflect the current COVID-19 pandemic and are following the agreed Four Nation position in regard to 2020 ARCPs.

Please click here for the 2020 ARCP process document.

Please click here for the 2020 ARCP appeals document.

Please click here for information regarding the use of Outcome 10 for 2020 ARCP.

Please click here for other useful documents for 2020 ARCPs.

    Each specialty/programme has a required evidence list which will be available on the Deanery website. Details/links will be provided in your ARCP notification emails, sent out by the Training Programme Administrator approximately 6 months and 8 weeks prior to your ARCP. The required evidence lists are agreed by the Specialty Training Boards and apply to all trainees in Scotland. Separate regional requirements cannot be added.

    The ARCP notification emails will also include details of the standard mandatory requirements: request for trainees to check that their information held on TURAS is up to date; instruction to complete SOAR declaration; absence declaration; OOP form etc.

    You will receive an email from the Deanery informing you of the date of your ARCP, standard mandatory submission requirements and a link to your Specialty Specific ARCP evidence requirements.

    It is therefore essential that the email address we have for you on TURAS is accurate and up-to-date.

    You will receive a first email from the Deanery up to 6 months in advance of your ARCP and a second email at approximately 8 weeks before your ARCP.

    This information will be collected via Questback. You will be sent an email directly from Questback which you should use to declare your absences. This will be sent approx. 8 weeks before your ARCP. Please ensure you also check your spam folder. If you have not received a Questback notification email 4 weeks prior to your ARCP please contact your deanery administrator. 

    Please include absence as follows: sick leave, maternity/paternity/parental leave, compassionate paid/unpaid leave, other (please specify).

    Please do not include: study leave, prospectively approved OOPT, OOPR, OOPE, OOPC.

    Your absence declaration must be completed for the time period since the last ARCP. If you’ve had more than one ARCP within a 12-month period, you will be required to complete an absence declaration each time.

    The Deanery team will initiate your SOAR declaration approximately 8 weeks prior to your ARCP.  You will be notified by SOAR when it is available to complete.

    You must ensure that you are registered for a SOAR account. Please link up via your GMC Online account.   More information

    You can request a login for SOAR here. Please link up via your GMC Online account.   More information

    For the purposes of ARCP in Scotland, the Form R (part A) is replaced with the requirement for trainees to ensure that the details held on their TURAS account are correct. Form R (part B) is replaced by the SOAR declaration for revalidation.

    Please contact your Deanery Training Programme Administrator who will make the required change.

    Please contact your supervisor in good time, ahead of your ARCP to ensure that they complete the required sign-off. If this proves unsuccessful please inform your TPD.

    To meet the requirements of your ARCP, a SOAR declaration must have been made within the 6 month-period leading up to your ARCP. If your most recent declaration will be more than six months old at the time of your ARCP, you must complete another.

    The Deanery has agreed that for ARCPs, all trainees are required to submit their evidence at least two weeks before the date of the desk-top review. This time-scale provides the panel with adequate time to review e-portfolios etc. ahead of the desktop review.

    The Deanery expects a level of professionalism from all trainees and educational supervisors in this respect and requires trainees to work towards and meet this submission date. Failure to do so will result in the issue of an outcome 5 (Incomplete Evidence), unless exceptional circumstances apply, e.g. Christmas closure, bereavement or illness of trainee/educational supervisor. Exceptional circumstances must be declared before/on the submission date and will not be taken into account following that date.

    An outcome 5 is a holding response, not an unsatisfactory outcome. You will be given a further time-period (usually two weeks) in which to submit any missing evidence. You will be issued with a follow-up outcome after the extra time-period.

    You should not find yourself in this situation unless under exceptional circumstances. In majority of cases you will have received up to 6 months-notice of your ARCP date. You will therefore have been able to arrange the meeting(s) required with your educational supervisor in order to complete the report.

    Please contact your TPD if there is any problem in relation to the completion and submission of your educational supervisor’s report.

    Please make contact with your educational supervisor well in advance of your ARCP and submission date and arrange the meeting(s) required in order for your educational supervisor’s report to be completed.

    If the report is not completed by the submission deadline you will be issued with an Outcome 5 (Incomplete Evidence) at the desktop review. This is a holding outcome (not an unsatisfactory outcome), you will be given a further time-period (usually two weeks) to ensure that the report is submitted. You will be issued with a follow-up outcome following this time-period.

    Please contact your Training Programme Director at your earliest opportunity if you envisage any problem with the completion of this report.

    It is your responsibility to set up meetings with your educational supervisor as follows:

    Initial meeting

    Mid-point meeting

    End of post meeting

    Final meeting – Educational Supervisor’s Report completion.

    You will receive a log-in for Turas, after you have returned your ‘Conditions of Joining a Training Programme’ training agreement. On receipt of the signed Conditions document, your local Deanery office will activate your Turas account. At that point you would receive an email confirming your log-in details.

    If you have misplaced your log-in details please contact the helpdesk via the Turas homepage.