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North of Scotland Paediatric Trainee Committee

Our paediatric trainee committee believes that training in the North of Scotland can be fulfilling and rewarding. By working together with our consultant and trainee colleagues, our TPD and the deanery, we aim to enhance our training experiences and opportunities. We hope to achieve this through good communication, promotion of training in the North and engagement of trainees.  At the same time we hope to promote trainee wellbeing both within and out with clinical practice.

North of Scotland Paediatric Trainee Committee

We aim to achieve this by coordinating trainee-led projects which directly impact upon and improve training and trainee wellbeing, involvement in deanery training meetings to influence how our training is delivered and by promoting training in the North through our website and involvement in national initiatives.

“We believe that NHS Grampian can be a great place for training.  We can demonstrate this by engaging trainees, consultants and managers, and by promoting better communication, a positive environment and well-being.  In order to achieve this, we will explore creative platforms for communication with trainees, participate in divisional management teams, and lead quality improvement.”

Trainee Lead Mission Statement, NHS Grampian, 2019.

“Our vision is that NHS Grampian will be recognised as a centre of excellence; known for its positive, safe culture and it’s strive for continued improvement.  Through this, the North East of Scotland will be a place that all medical professionals want to work and live. They will feel valued and enabled to care for their patients while building the foundations for careers that demonstrate, achieve and are recognised for excellence in healthcare and medicine.”

Trainee Lead Vision Statement, NHS Grampian, 2019​.

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